Minutes NPC Executive meeting – Tuesday, Oct. 9th, 2018 6:00 pm


1. Call to order – at 6:07 regrets Sean and Phil

2. Minutes of last meeting – Sept. 11, 2018 motion to accept Lee, 2nd by Lyle

3. Committee progress since last meeting;

Lyle – bylaws;

* Executive – remove language on removing an executive member as it is already covered in another bylaw

* Proceedings and Directors – remove where committee may meet and when they meet and adjourn

* Secretary – remove reference to custody of all club records and property

* Treasurer – remove reference to statement of assets and liabilities

– remove reference to bonds, debentures and investment certificates

* Discussion on whether to post contracts on our drive. If wanted, best to take a picture and post it. The schedule is posted on the drive and includes exceptions, so easier for-mat to view.

ACTION: Sue will update schedule with new club play times.

4. Treasurer’s Report – Dave provided a balance of $9462, with paypal balance of $3656. Other costs and deposits will leave us with similar balance from last month.

5. Memberships, renewals, annual playing fee vs. pay as you go option discussion, discussion on fees for next year etc.,

Sue had conversations with random members to gauge interest of annual paying fee, and it would seem that if we went in this direction, we would need to have a tiered method to include a few scenarios.

ACTION:- Sue will format some plausible scenarios and present for discussion.

Discussion on possibly increase membership to $20 year. This is similar to what other clubs charge. Do we charge more for tournaments? i.e. Mex Mad and our Nanaimo tournament. Currently we do not charge anything for training.

ACTION; all club members think about increasing fees as it will need a vote.

ACTION: Lee will present a plan for what training and how much to charge.

6. Training update – Lee – Island Connect program; Orientation clinics with Parks & Rec; The training is progressing well, and will continue with the schedule as presented last month, with the exception of adding another month of Level 1 to help with the backlog. Lee emailed Michelle re room at OW to accommodate training after orientation. Please note to include Liz Williams as she makes the decisions. We will use 4 weeks that were procured for extra club play for Level 1 training.

Lee continues to review Level 2 training Manual as he approaches a time when he will begin to extricate himself from his very busy and exacting training schedule. The manuals will be a fantastic resource for any new training coordinators.

ACTION: Lee will start thinking about succession planning to pass on the duties of training coordinator, either partially or in full.

30 minutes skill training in court 1 Gym 1 Saturdays presented issues when the novice members were moved into the regular group. No easy answers to integrate players with large gap in skills.

7. City of Nanaimo liaison – Beaufort Park/Beban Park updates – Communication sent to members re work scheduled for Beaufort. Fence guard has been installed. Wind screens will be installed mid October at Beaufort.

8. Club play updates – John Emmons new court captain Sat Gym 1. Extra club plays have been procured as demand is high, i.e. 13 spares turned away for Tuesday play. All club plays have been increased to 22 per session. No complaints.

9. Update on name tags and apparel program – Brenda will send out email re ordering for apparel. Discussion on whether to round up and charge a bit more. Lee will think about that, and report back to exec.

10. Courtside Sports demos – John will organize James to come on Oct 27th.

11. Sponsorships – Bill needs more direction.

ACTION; Dave and Bill will meet and discuss how plan should evolve.

12. Reciprocal play with other Island clubs – Rod Hamilton had reached out to Dave to organize intra-club play with the Comox, Campbell River and Oceanside clubs.

ACTION: Sue will contact Rod to arrange for intra club play.

13. Ratings for members – Sean has requested self ratings and they are coming in.Mid Nov is cut off and ratings will be reviewed then by a selected group.

14. Volunteer event – John is organizing the Xmas/volunteer appreciation event. Room booked 2:30-4:30pm.

ACTION; Sue , Dave and Lee to review membership list and identify all volunteers. When we have full number, we can decide what, if any changes are made to Dec 8th Saturday play.

15. Tutor ball machine- continue to negotiate with Zone 2 to purchase.

16. Next exec meeting Nov 6th 6:00pm

And that’s all folks….Adjournment at 8:15pm


NPC Executive Meeting – Tuesday, Sept. 11th, 2018 6:00 pm

Call to order 6:02- Welcome to Sally who will be member of executive until May next year. Regrets from Anna and Phil

Minutes of last meeting – Aug. 7, 2018 – Motion to accept Lee, 2nd by Bill

Committee progress since last meeting; Lyle – bylaws; Discussion on definitions on what constitutes “regular” meetings and if we should change our meeting formats. We will leave language as is within bylaws with regards to meetings. Language for suspension and/or termination of club membership was discussed and this is included in bylaws. Lyle will submit next 3 possible bylaw changes for review on next meeting.

Sue – Court usage – Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are well attended and mostly at capacity. Wednesday full. Oct prepaid are full. Still no success in finding solution for storage of ball tutor machine at OW. Sue suggested asking OW if we could install a locker large enough to hold it. Dave suggested looking at small storage unit alternative, perhaps with some sponsorship to aid in cost. Bill will look into this, as well as other possibilities with website and Facebook.

Treasurer’s Report – 12,800 bank balance. Mexican Madness revenue $2000 and expenses $1931

Memberships, renewals, annual playing fee vs. pay as you go option discussion, electronic punch cards – Sean- discussion on integrating introduction letter with capturing skill level of new member, all pertinent contact information, i.e. if the email matches spouse or if their own. We need a way of having the actual person’s name on the membership/contact list. Sean will write a procedure that any executive member may use if signing up a new member.

Pay as you go option will continue as is. Sue and Bill we chat with random members to see if there is an appetite for annual fee.

Training update – Lee – Island Connect program; Sept 14th will start 4 weeks of Level 1, then another level 1, followed by one class in Dec for Level 2, and hopefully this will be 5 weeks in length, in the new year. Lee is developing Level 3 play, which will look at strategy. Perhaps Oliver Woods could accommodate time slots for this extra coaching. Sally will follow up with Michelle to see if times available. Lee is looking for new recruits for coaching, as he does not think anyone will be interested in coaching the same level more than 3 times. The people who sign up for P&R introductions will not have access to more training as training opportunities are full.

Motion to support Lee financially to continue with train the trainer. Motioned by Bill, 2nd by Sue and carried.

City of Nanaimo liaison – Beaufort Park – wind screening will be installed on 3 sides excluding the east side. City has agreed to install concrete storage with locking door. Club will supply protection on fence dividers. Extensions of court dividers to end of fence will be installed by city late 2018 or early 2019.

Club play updates – Sue – all club plays well attended. Joanne Young is stepping down from Saturday court captain until Feb 2019. Sue is trying to recruit new volunteers as backups for captains and coordinators. As it stands Sue H. coordinates Saturdays, and Joanne Young will still be back up. Gail H. captains court 2, and Sue N. is captain for Court 1 (for now), Lee does Wednesdays, Sue N. does Tuesday and Thursday, and Jon will resume Thursdays in October. 20 people for 2 hour play and 22 for 2.5 hour play. Lyle has updated the Court Attendance Sheet and it will be filled out after each club play. The sheet will be submitted to the executive monthly.

Centennial Park – P&R are keen to get feedback so Sean will organize an evening to bat the ball around and test out the lighting. Consensus is that it would be too cold for off season play, and most members prefer North Nanaimo venues.

Courtside Sports demos – John and about 8 others attended demo, but poor weather kept most people home. A few paddles were sold, and perhaps another demo will be organized at OW. John will follow up.

Ratings for members – Sean; there is obligation to provide ratings. Need to form committee to rate our players. Ideally graduates or training should have rating upon completion.. Perhaps have link for self rating to assist.

Recognition for volunteers – John will organize celebration for Dec 8th, Monarch Room, before Saturday play. Cost for goodies supplied by club, and volunteers play for free that day. Spouses who volunteer are included. This will not be a regular club play day, but a volunteer play day and other members can spare after volunteers can sign up.

Next meeting at Bills clubhouse where there will be heat!

Adjournment 8:35


Minutes Executive Meeting – Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Call to order- 6:06 – regrets Bill, Phil

Minutes of last meeting July 7th, 2018 – Lee moved to accept and Lyle 2nd

Committee progress since last meeting:
– Lyle applied to have current PB drop in at OW as part of the 55+ free senior program. We will know in November when next reviewed.
– Current bylaws have been reviewed with minor edits. 2-3 Potential new bylaws will be sent out by Lyle and John and reviewed each meeting. All to be completed at our last Nov meeting.

Sue – The September club play are set with their coordinators at OW. Sat – Sue Holden with Gail court captain. Wednesday and Friday nights, Lee ( still waiting for confirmation on rentals at IC) Jon Dominy for Thursday (Sue N. will coordinate Sept, until Jon returns) Sue N. Tuesdays, and Sean Sunday.

We will organize Sundays as strong Intermediate/Advance by invitation, and all other will be open play. If enough 4.0 and 4.5, they should have designated court for round robin and then mix with group. Sat Court 1, will con’t to be available for easing newer players into the larger group, and support will be given. Much discussion on how to organize Saturday, and winners move up and runners-up move down, may work best.

Sue emailed Kathy Gonzales to try and secure storage space for future ball machine. Waiting to make an appointment to get together for chat.

Dave and Lyle – City Liaison – we have been asked to prioritize our needs.#1 is a wind screen (City pays), #2 is fencing extension so balls won’t escape (City pay), #3 fence topper (we pay), #4 Storage (city pays), and #5 Bulletin board (city pays). Survey resulted in majority wanting to expand Beaufort Park, with green space in between 4 more new courts.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil was unable to attend and Dave gave brief overview. Made $972 on tournament due to grants received.

Memberships, renewals, annual playing fee vs. pay as you go option. Renewal option needs to be removed. Anna will try, but if not able,  Phil is to follow up. We have approx 255 members. Discussion on merits of having annual playing fee vs pay as you go option. Possibly charge approx. $130/year to cover all play. Individual would have to play 26 times to break even. Would greatly reduce coordinator responsibility by removing payment collection, recording payments on drive, etc. Survey could be sent to members to test the waters. Would likely result in some loss of membership.

Also discussed using Whoozin App, for registering play. This is to be added to next month’s Agenda for further discussion.

Training update – Lee – Beginner clinics with Parks & Rec – they have sent Lee the list of participants. Lee has simplified the approach to orientation to PB, and hopes to increase the fun factor. Lee is no longer involved in the Departure Bay training; Train the Trainer program with PickleballBC was a huge success and Lee learned much to bring back to the club.

Mexican Madness -great tournament – there were a few people placed in wrong levels, but otherwise resounding success. Duncan Dazzle similar format in October.

Ratings for members, rule changes in 2018. Sean – If we are having invitation only club plays, we should have members rated, also helpful for those beginners who want to move out of court 1. Sean will organize a committee and develop a plan that may include self rating for sanctioned tournaments (under the new rating system).

Next Exec meeting: Tuesday, Sept. 11 – 6:00pm

Adjournment at 8:30pm


Minutes Executive Meeting – Saturday, July 7, 2018

Call to order – noon – regrets: Sue, Sean
Minutes of last meeting – June 2, 2018 – Lee moved to accept and Bill 2nd
Due to circumstances, Sandra has stepped down from the executive.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil
There is approximately $10,000 in the bank account.
Discussion on non-member (ie guest, visitors) playing during club play times. Due to liability risks, non-members will not be allowed to play during club play times.
Phil will look into directors insurance.
Sue and Anna will both have signing authority, along with Dave and Phil.
We are down to the last 3 punch cards. We will need to get more from Ronnie Pitcher.

Memberships, Renewals – Dave, Phil
Lyle will explore options on keeping current contact info on the membership.

Training Update – Lee
There are no training sessions over the summer months. For the fall, training will be on Wednesday and Friday nights with hopes to add Monday night as well all at Island Connect School. The plan is to run Level 1 and 2 alternately in 4-week rotations.
Lee will coordinate the next beginner’s orientation session at Oliver Woods in August.
Lee will be attending the Teach the Trainer session in a couple of weeks.

City of Nanaimo Liaison – Dave and Lyle
Attempts were made to meet with Richard Harding but were not successful.
Items to discuss: expansion at Beaufort Park; adding more courts (ie at Pioneer Park, Departure Bay); storage of ball machine (when and if the club acquires one); outdoor storage at Beaufort Park; court maintenance

Club play updates
Numbers are down for all sessions. Play times will be changed to 2 hours for the remainder of summer.
Saturday – Sue H/Joanne/Gail – Aug 25th last session
Sunday – Sean – Aug 12th last session
Tuesday – Sue N – finished for summer
Wednesday – Dave and Lee – Aug 29th last session

Lyle summarized the historical data on club plays but found there were too few data to be of any use. He design a spreadsheet to help coordinators keep track of number of players per session.
Sue, Sean and Lyle will look into club rental times for the fall.

Update on name tags and apparel program – Lee
52 t-shirts were sold at the June tournament. Lee proposed to purchase a supply of club-logoed caps to have on hand in case these are unavailable next year.

June tournament – Dave
Jo, Vic, Vaughan and Dave met to discuss how the tournament went. There were 115 participants which was probably too many since it ran long on the Saturday.

Mexican Madness – Dave
59 registrants so far. Maximum of 64. Volunteers needed. Dave will send out request to members.

Pickleball BC membership approval – Dave
Phil will wait for Lyle to compile members list and the he will forward the info to PCBC.

Addition of Pickleball to Bowen Park Seniors Activity – Lyle
Lyle inquire about adding pickleball to the list of activities available to members of the Bowen Park Seniors. They only accept new applications twice a year which then go through a review process before either being accepted or not. It was decided that Lyle would submit an application, as an individual and not as a representative of the club, to have one of the Parks and Rec pickleball drop-in program designated as ‘Seniors’.

Review of Bylaws – Lyle
Article 1:3 – re-word re ‘lapsed’
Article 1:5 – remove
Article 2:1 – budget
Article 2:3 – tabled for next meeting

Ratings – Sean
Tabled for next meeting

Changes to Committees of the Board – 2018/19

  1. Training and Development – Lee, Bill
  2. Apparel program – Brenda and Lee MacDonald
  3. Tournament planning and organization – Bill
  4. Club rental sessions / booking programs – Sue, Sean
  5. City liaison – Dave, Lyle, John
  6. Communications with members, community develop. – Sean
  7. Publicity – Bill, Anna
  8. Equipment, maintenance – John
  9. Ratings, PBBC, rules – Sean, Bill, Lee
  10. IT specialists, website, Facebook, etc – Anna, Phil, Sean
  11. Updating of policies, bylaws etc – Lyle, John

Other Business
John will look into doing something, in December, in appreciation of all the individuals who volunteer in the club. Perhaps a fun play followed by a get-together.

Next Exec meeting: TBA



Minutes Executive Meeting – Saturday, June 2, 2018 

Call to order – noon
Regrets: Phil, Sean 

Minutes of last meeting – May 5, 2018 Sandra moved to accept and Bill 2nd
Welcome to all, especially the 4 new directors! – Committee Chairs – Dave discussed the necessity of having various tasks assigned to the executive to better address issues. The assignments are as follows:- 

Committees of the Board – 2018/19 

1. Training and Development – Lee, Bill
2. Apparel program – Brenda MacDonald, Lee, Sandra
3. Tournament planning and organization – John
4. Club rental sessions / booking programs – Sue, Sean
5. City liaison – Dave, Lyle, John
6. Communications with members, community develop. – Sean
7. Publicity – Bill, Anna
8. Equipment, maintenance – John
9. Ratings, PBBC, rules – Sean, Bill, Lee
10. IT specialists, website, Facebook,etc- Anna, Phil, Sean
11. Updating of policies, bylaws, etc- Lyle, Sandra 

Treasurer’s Report – Phil is away  

Training update – Lee
This last season (September to May) we ran 6-Level 1 training sessions with three coaches (two plus Lee)The last session for Level 1 was offered successfully with two coaches, (Lee and one other for the first time proving Level 1 can be offered with two coaches but Level 2 does require three). 

Level 2 was offered with notable success with twelve trainees and we had a team of three coaches including Lee 

In September through May 2018 the training sessions will alternate with Level 1, then Level 2, then Level 1 and Level 2.? We will require additional coaches to offer these training sessions starting in the fall. 

Lee hopes to have some of Level 3 written by September but not offered until into the New Year (2019) and  would like to collaborate with Nancy Stern and this would be offered with three or four coaches one of whom would be Lee.? Having the time to offer Level 3 may not come until the spring of 2019 since availability of space for four consecutive weeks of training may be difficult to capture.? At this point the thinking is focusing on pickleball game strategies.? In the meantime Lee has started to review Levels 1 and 2 both the training manuals and the instructional/coaching notes.? (As an aside, we were fortunate to be able to have an additional evening this year in April and May for training.? The request is in to the SD #68 but we will not be notified as to what nights or how many nights we will have until the end of July at the earliest. 

Lee will coordinate The P&R orientation at OW , to replace Nadeen. Bill will provide backup for Lee.  

Referee training, rules updates, training moments. Bill will look at rules and training moments and Sue will trickle down to court captain and coordinators. 

Motion to  accept proposed training schedule by Bill and 2nd by John. 

Beaufort Park/Beban Park update – Dave
Maintenance issues it was agreed that the club will purchase a blower that will be used for both Beban and Beaufort. Lyle motioned for club to release funds up to $250.00 to purchase blower, on the condition the courts were regularly cleaned for the benefit of all players, and 2nd by Bill. 

Club play updates – Sunday 15 ( cut to 2.5 hrs.), Tuesday 15, costs covered as 5 prepaid replaced by spares, Wednesday 16, Thursday, 11 this past week, and 17 the previous. Saturdays 42. Lyle was asked to document the historical attendance of our sessions as well as look into Pickleball being included in the Nanaimo Seniors activities similar to what is done for badminton. 

Update on name tags and apparel program – Lee ordered some great gifts for our tournament. 

June tournament – More money for food and prizes.. Winners will receive medals with our Logo. 110 participants signed up. 

Pickleball BC membership approval – wait till Phil comes back, and he will forward our members info to PCBC. 

Review of Bylaws – Lyle will review our bylaws and bring forward items to be reviewed over the course of the year. 

Mexican Madness – only 2 months to go  

Club ball machine – Sue asked if the club will purchase ball machine to use for skills and drills and training purposes. Executive agrees to purchase as long as it can be stored at OW. Dave to confirm this, and Sue will price machine and 2 sets of balls. Motion to purchase machine made by Dave and 2nd by John. 

Next Exec meeting: Saturday, July 7th at noon 

Adjournment  – 2pm


Nanaimo Pickleball Club – AGM – May 26th, 2018

Call to order – 12:30 pm
Quorum, attendance report – Sue reported that 24 members were present, therefore we had a quorum.
Dave welcomed our members and introduced the executive.

Acceptance of the Agenda – Vic moved to accept the agenda and Stewart 2nd.

Acceptance Minutes of the May 20th, 2017 AGM – Randy moved that last year’s AGM minutes be accepted and Brenda 2nd.

The President’s, Training & Development and Apparel Program Reports can be found at the end of the 2018 AGM Minutes.

Presidents report – Dave 

The motion to receive report was made by Bill and Kathy 2nd. Vic led the chorus on thanking Dave for the terrific job he has, and continues to do on our behalf. Thanks for being our fearless leader for another year!

Treasurer’s Report – Dave

Our Treasurer, Phil Morgan is away and so an 11 month report was presented by Dave. Please note that a 13 month report will be provided at next year’s AGM.

Ending bank balance to March 31, 2018 is $12,973.08.

Question from the floor in regards to our Insurance for club members. We are covered at Oliver Woods and Island Connect School, but not for any recreational play at Beaufort or OW drop-in.

There was a short discussion on the benefits of remaining a Club and not becoming a Society. More red tape and hoops to jump through if you are a Society.

The motion to accept the Financial Report by Lyle and 2nd by Brenda.

 2018 Nanaimo Tournament Report – Vic Bryce

Vic, our Tournament Organizer, gave overview on how things are progressing. Would like to have some more 3.0 women for the mixed venue, and there are a few spots still left with people still looking for partners. The goal this year is to have more games per team. Dave applied for the hospitality grant, and our club received $750.00 towards our tournament. The cost for the tournament was increased by $5 due to increased costs. Shirley asked if the food budget could be increased and this was approved. Dee asked if Mexican Madness food budget could be increased as well, and was approved. A huge thanks to Vic for taking this on!

Training and Development Report – Lee 

Kathy expressed a huge thanks to Lee for all that he does for our club, and for those who are new to Pickleball. Kathy had a question on if training for tournament readiness was a possibility.

Sue H. gave gratitude for the Level 1 and Level 2 training that she had, and what wonderful support she received from Lee and the coaches. She sees that as members graduate from the training program, they pay it forward by expressing empathy for new players who may not have developed their skills as yet.

Brenda asked about Intermediate training. Nancy Stern has the program written, but no dates have been set as yet. This will be added to the agenda of the next Executive meeting.

Discussion ensued on how to better organize courts at Beaufort. City will not allow us to designate days for different level play, but we can go ahead and try to organize as long as it is not during prime time, when courts must be shared.

Bill I. asked about referee training. This is probably not something that we will promote. Discussion on line calls and that this is problematic at times. This should be included in all training.

We have club business cards that are available for everyone, and they can be handed out for those interested in getting involved with the club.

Motion to accept the training report was made by Joanne, and 2nd by Sue.

Mexican Madness tournament is on August 4th. OW was not available in September. Registration will begin after our tournament has finished. A huge thanks to Dee and Ronnie who put on this very popular tournament each year.

Apparel Program – Lee 

Brenda MacDonald has agreed to manage the apparel program. Thanks Brenda!

Motion to accept Apparel report made by Stan and 2nd by Karen.

AED first aid training – Dave 

Training was organized by club member Art Cochrane. First rate training was enjoyed by 23 club members. Dave expressed his appreciation to the members who attended and the trainers for teaching the program. A reminder that no first aid care is administered by staff at OW.

Pickleball BC – Dave 

Pickleball BC is providing a train the trainer opportunity which Lee will attend. PB does not get National attention as yet and there is a movement to get strong representation in all Provinces so the sport will be recognized nationally, through Pickleball Canada. Our club would like to enroll our membership in Pickleball BC., and then would get access to Pickleball Canada. They adhere to privacy rules and do not share your personal information (name and email), to anyone else. There is no cost. Vic moved to join PBBC and Bill 2nd.

Club PlayDave

With so many members, the need to provide more sessions became necessary. Anna organized extra club plays intermittently, when Oliver Woods had open slots. This alleviated some of the issues. We also extended play time to 3 hours and were able to place more people on the courts. We had another time slot as well. This will continue to be something that we will work on, as we have decided as a club, that we will not cap our membership, but instead will continue to build the sport and encourage enjoyment on all levels. There were questions from the floor as to if the executive had looked at other venues. We have looked at many and of far none have been suitable, due to various reasons, i.e. safety etc.

Outside Court Maintenance – Dave 

Beban courts have rocks and grass leavings left behind by the park mowers. Stewart asked if club would pay for a blower that a club member would take ownership of, and use to clean the courts as necessary. Brenda made motion for club to invest in a blower and Stewart 2nd.

The election of officersDave expressed sincere gratitude for departing Directors, Colin, Pat, Nadeen and Dee for their dedication and good works over the years. We will miss them on our board and am glad we’ll still see them on the courts. Potted orchids were presented to them, to show our appreciation for all they have done.

Ernie oversaw the election of officers, and resulted in:-

Dave Eaton- returning President
Anna Edgar – returning VP
Phil Morgan – returning Treasurer
Sue Newell – Secretary
Sandra Backman – Director at Large
Lee MacDonald- Director at Large and training Coordinator

New directors who were nominated and elected are:
Bill Inglis – Director at Large
John Yim – Director at Large
Lyle Evans – Director at Large
Sean Kennedy – Director at Large

Motion to adjourn was made by Bill and 2nd by Lyle



President’s Report to the 2018 Annual General Meeting

Welcome everyone to our club’s AGM, your attendance and input today is very much appreciated, not only by your Executive, but by all members who count on us to make good decisions and plans to keep our club moving forward.

The last year has been another record year in terms of membership growth; we’re over 200 active, paid up members, compared to 157 last year.  This growth has given us some challenges, particularly how to create enough playing time for all who are interested.  That has dominated much of our planning and discussion since last spring and we’ve introduced extra play times last winter to help with the problem.  In addition, we expanded 3 of our weekly sessions to 3 hours this spring to allow for more players to join in.  March saw full houses in most of them, but April started to drop off a bit, as has May, so we are reducing most of our play times starting in June through till the end of August, when the new schedule will start.  We know that the super weather we’ve had this spring has made a difference, along with having Beaufort Park open this year.  We won’t know how our September to March schedule will look for a few more weeks.

A number of other initiatives kept us very busy this year including: 2 AED / First aid day-long training sessions that our own Art Cochrane and some helpers brought to us;  we experimented with a storage box at Beaufort Park, but that only last a couple of months before it was stolen – not likely we will try that again until the City adds a permanent structure there that we can borrow space in; our training and development program was expanded again – more on that from Lee; lots of action for our apparel program, also headed up by Lee and Brenda MacDonald; the grand opening of Beaufort Park was a huge hit with about 20 new members joining our club afterwards; another successful indoor tournament led by Tournament Director Piet Komen and a large group of awesome volunteers; Dee, Ronnie and their gang hosted a super Mexican Madness that was once again sold out; and a whole lot more, too numerous to explain.

Four of our Executive members are stepping down this AGM.  All four have contributed in their own way and we thank them all…more on that when the election of directors and officers takes place.  Speaking of that, we have 4 members who have agreed to let their name stand for election – wow!!!

In the coming year, our new Executive have more challenges and opportunities to bring to our club that I’m confident will be met with the same enthusiasm and care for the good of our membership as they have in the past.  I gave some thought to naming all those who have volunteered in some capacity over the past year in a variety of ways, but the list is very long and I will probably miss someone, so please just know that you are very well served, not just by your Executive, but by lots of others around you who give generously of their time and talents…thank you to everyone who is helping to make the Nanaimo Pickleball Club the success it is and continues to be.

Dave Eaton

2018 AGM Election procedures

Not running: Nadeen, Pat, Colin, and Dee

Allowed their name to stand: Bill Inglis, Sean Kennedy, John Yim, Lyle Evans

Still on the executive if re-elected: Dave – President, Anna Edgar – Vice President,  Phil Morgan – Treasurer, Sue Newell – Secretary, Sandra Backman – Director at Large, Lee MacDonald – Director at Large,

We can have up to 10 on our Executive, including 4 officers and 6 Directors at Large

Start the election with President, then Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, then Directors at large

Call for nominations for each 3 times, declare elected if only one for each position is nominated and if only 4 are nominated for Director at Large

If a vote is needed, secret ballots to be handed out, nominated members get to speak if so desire, then leave the room for a vote.  Identify another member not running for election to help with the ballots and counting

After all is done declare those who were elected, ask the new President to take over the meeting, who will ask for a motion to destroy the ballots if there has been a vote.

Report to the Membership –AGM My 26, 2018 – Lee MacDonald

Whereas I used to think that the knees were the first to go with the aging process I am quickly realizing that it is the memory.  I had to dig out my report to the membership from the last AGM to see when it was that we first started our active training for newcomers with the Nanaimo Pickleball Club.  To my astonishment, I found that it was January 13, 2017—just 18 months ago—when Sharon Cameron and Nadeen Bettney and I launched the first official NPC training session.  I had completed the writing of the Beginner Training manual and lesson plans in December 2016, and we were ready to go.  Through early 2017 we had the pleasure of adding to our coaching team, Anna Edgar.  As well, Dom Gonzalez and Len Stanway who helped us in a pinch.

In September of 2017 we had an “Orientation for Coaches Night” to kick off a new round of training.  Our coaches did not need any training as they were an exceptional group of players to begin with.  The point of the evening was to give them all an orientation to the training manual and lesson plans.  This led to the adding to the ranks of our coaching base to include our Club President, Dave Eaton, Susan Morgan, Joanne O, Colin and Annie McCartie and also Rick Holden.  We have since decided to call the Beginner Level Training, Level 1 Training.  Special thanks go to Peter O. who helped us out when we did not have a full complement of coaches this spring.  In this last Level 1 session, we were able to push the envelope one step further and as of last night (Friday May 25, 2018) we graduating our final Level 1 trainees of our training season, and we completed the training with just two coaches, Rick Holden and myself.  Special thanks go to Dee Pitcher who came out last summer to help me with deluge of pickleball trainees as she helped to guide many of those who came to the open house at Beaufort through the initial elements of the game.  Three individuals had to wait until September to start their formal process.  This instruction has continued through the winter and spring.  Dee played a major role in helping the Club keep interest up for this large group of informal trainees.

During the first six months that training was offered through the Club, we provided training to 60 members most of them newcomers.  This included about six of our Club members who wished to improve skills or who were rehabbing and needed to re-enter recreational play on a gradual basis.  Since September of 2017 we have provided training to 60 more newcomers to pickleball.  I am not sure what exactly got into me but with the support and approval of our executive I found myself expressing interest in writing a Level 2 Training manual and designing this second level of training that was launched this April.  Here we took 12 participants some of them members who had gone through Level 1 and some who had been participating in recreational play for 1-2 years and offered them this experimental second level of training.  The results far exceeded anything I had anticipated.  I wrote the training manual and adjusted lesson plans largely as we went week by week to complete a four-week 10-hour training program.  Our instructional team included Dave Eaton, Joanne O and myself.  The focus was skill development through errors.  In other words, by identifying the areas where errors were frequently made we could potentially have an opportunity to correct these and improve skills and quality of game play dramatically.  It worked!  The experiment was a huge success and now I have the envious task of tweaking not one but two training manuals—aren’t I the guy with all the luck!?  But wait!  It’s not over yet!  Something else has burrowed its way into my brain giving rise to Level 3 thinking!  Gad zukes has the man gone mad, you might ask!!  The answer is “y-e-e-e-s!”  I don’t think I am the person to write the complete manual nor do I believe I am the person with the skills to lead the charge on instructing and coaching but together with other minds I believe there is a chance that Level 3 can be written and introduced in the next 6-8 months.  My idea is that it would focus largely on strategies in the game.

I cannot tell you what a thrill it has been for me to participate with the aforementioned group of coaches to deliver training at both levels to over a hundred and thirty people since January 2017.  We have learned so much about our game of pickleball and we continue to develop and refine the curriculum with each class we are involved with.  We have condensed the Level 1 to four weeks and introduced Level 2 into a four-week format.   We anticipate having Island Connect Ed School once again in the fall for both Wednesday night for Intermediate to Advanced play and Friday night for alternating Level 1 and Level 2 training.  It is wonderful to see our graduates making their mark in Club play some with exceptional skills and athleticism and others who are growing at steady and consistent rates and measures.

I think our Club has much to be proud of in this arena.  We also have the exceptional high quality of “Skills and Drill” training offered by Nancy Stern and her remarkable team of Advanced players.  One of our members commented that it was so nice to see that the Club is making such efforts to help members improve both in their enjoyment and skill level of the game.  I think this is a telling comment about both the NPC Executive and the membership at large as they embrace new members and offer support on the courts.  It has been an amazing year for Training and Development and a special thanks to our Executive, our coaches, the participants in training and to Brenda for having put up with me through all of this over the past 18 months!  I owe a deep debt of thanks to Dave Eaton who listened to my pitch as he dropped off the keys to Island ConnectEd School at my house in the fall of 2016 as I prattled on about training our newcomers, writing the training manual and leading the charge for Level 1 training.  He supported me through the stages of growth and development of Level 1 even when I doubted my own ability to write and implement this level of training.  Then, he and the board embraced the idea of Level 2.  It is as a result of his support that we have, as a Club, started this process of developing a training culture with the Nanaimo Pickleball Club!

I have only two more things to say both anecdotal.  Two examples of the wonderful spirit I see on our courts.  Last night, our final night of training Level 1 participants we had trainees with remarkable skills and some with lesser.  Sue Holden came out along with Brenda to fill in the numbers when we did not have a complete group of 12 trainees.  At the end of the evening one of the lesser skilled players thanked Sue and gave her a hug.  The spirit of this group was strong and the trainees did not seem to want to leave.  Seeing the embrace and the encouragement offered by Sue and our Level 1 trainees says to me that our membership is creating a culture of support, training and most of all deeper sense of community.  On Thursday AM Play we had a brand-new player join our club from the OW Orientation group in May.  Members on Thursday came to play games with our new member, to introduce themselves and at the end to come and ask how she like her time on the courts.  Had I been she, I would have felt part of a special community of caring adults.  What have we created here!  Something wonderful, I think.

This ends my “short report” Mr. President.

Respectfully submitted,
Lee MacDonald
Coordinator of Training and Development
Director at Large
Nanaimo Pickleball Club

AGM Report on Club Apparel for the Nanaimo Pickleball Club – May 26, 2018 – Lee MacDonald

In June 2016 the Club endorsed the idea of having T-shirts available to Club members.  The interest caught on like wild fire and we had 160 shirts ordered in our first offering.  Since then we have added warm-up jackets and golf shirts, all of which are both versatile and durable!   We have gone to embroidery on some of these products and silk screening and hot stamping on others.  I love to see the sea of colour each day that players are out on the courts!

Last year the Executive agreed to keep samples in stock for display at events such as out annual tournament.  What a help this has been to our Apparel Chairman, Brenda!  We purchased these items at near cost and we will one day be able to turn them into gifts at events but for now they provide us with continuous access to display attire and try-ons for our members.

Though it is hard to know exactly how many members presently has attire that is stenciled with the Club insignia because some members purchase more than one piece, the overall numbers of pieces of clothing is around 250.

There will be a display and an opportunity to order Club attire at the upcoming June tournament here at Oliver Woods.  This begins with an email notice and an electronic display.  We have had two blitzes each year and this seems to suffice for getting notice and opportunity to purchase for our membership.

Thanks again to Brenda MacDonald who has headed up and organized so much to make these clothing items available to members.  It is just one more way that membership shares a connection.

AGM Report on Club Name Badges for the Nanaimo Pickleball Club – May 26, 2018 – Lee MacDonald

In 2016 the board agreed to purchase name badges for all new members.  This has been another remarkable success from the standpoint of new members having a sense of inclusion.  New members are told that it is a gift from the Club and they receive them with appreciation and delight.  Every time I am on the courts I see more and more people wearing their name badges.  With so many new members, this has made a huge difference in allowing these newcomers to be called by name and to encourage introductions on the courts.  The number of badges purchased thus far are close to 200 and this includes those members who are purchasing name badges on their own because they cannot find their originals or those like myself who needs to have one in every pocket lest he forgets!






NPC Executive meeting – Saturday, May 5, 2018

Call to order: 12:02 pm
Present: Dave, Lee, Pat, Nadeen, Sandra
Regrets: Dee, Anna, Susan, Colin, Phil

Minutes of last meeting – April 7, 2018 – Pat made a motion to accept, Lee 2nd

CPR/AED training update: Nadeen – Art and Dr. Joe did a great job, feedback from the group was very positive. Participants asked if there could be some follow up after the course to review what they had learned. Nadeen will look into setting up some ‘refresher’ courses.

Treasurer’s Report: Phil – Financial statement is for 11 months ending March 31, 2018. Club play income is up 30% due to increase in play times and Membership. Phil has itemized supplies and miscellaneous expense items for the information of our members. Our profit is $713, essentially we broke even for the 11 month period.

Membership: Active membership is about 200. Dave will remind members that they can renew their membership at the AGM in May.

Training update: Nadeen – The next Pickleball orientation clinic scheduled for May 12 is full with 20 people on the waitlist. The clinic after that is scheduled for August 20. Dave will talk to Liz about doing this summer clinic at the new Beaufort outdoor courts.

Lee – Island Connect training session – six or seven Level 1 classes have been completed since September 2017, the first Level 2 class was started in April and is going well. Starting in September, Lee will be setting up seven Level 1 and three Level 2 classes. He already has 20 people on the waitlist for September’s Level 1 class. Lee is concerned that he won’t have enough coaches to assist with these sessions, therefore he will be approaching some of our members to see if they are interested in helping with our Beginner training programs.

Lee – Departure Bay – Lee gives informal training sessions Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He did these throughout the winter and will continue during the summer.

‘Train the Trainer’ program with Pickleball BC – Lee has signed up for this one day program. Dave moved that NPC pay the $220 fee to cover the cost of this course. Sandra 2nd.

Beaufort Park/Beban Park update: Dave – Beban park now has windscreens and the storage box from Beaufort is still missing.

Club Play update: Nadeen – Saturday – May is not full but there is still great participation at 39 of 48 spots filled, however numbers are down for June, we will probably only need one gym during the summer. Pat – Sunday – June, July, and August should probably be cancelled. Bill – Thursday – numbers are low, June, July, and August should probably be cancelled as well. Dave – Wednesday – going well. Susan – Tuesday – Pat mentioned that this day is going well too. Co-ordinators will evaluate the number of members for club play to determine how many gym rentals we keep and possibly reduce the three hour sessions to two and a half hours over the summer.

Dave would like to encourage the co-ordinators to set up 15 minutes of a particular skill prior to play at these sessions, with the consent of the majority of players attending.

Name tags and apparel program: Brenda and Lee will have a display of NPC apparel set up at the June tournament for people to try on and place orders.

June tournament: Tournament director is Vic and Vaughan is his assistant. To date 85 players have registered. At the May 10 meeting they will organize their list of volunteers. Lee will order hats and other items for ‘give aways’ at the tournament.

Pickleball BC membership proposal: Dave feels that NPC (as an organization) should become a member of Pickleball BC. He will propose this at the AGM. More information is available on Pickleball BC’s website.

AGM Planning, Board vacancies, etc: The AGM is booked for May 26, 2018 at 12:00 noon. There are four Board vacancies to be filled. To date we have three people that have offered to serve on the Executive, they are: Bill Inglis, John Yim, and Sean Kennedy.

Other Business: Lee moved that we should rent a room at OW for our Executive meetings starting in June. Nadeen 2nd. Nadeen requested that the password to our gmail account be changed when the new Executive takes over after the AGM.

Meeting adjourned at 1:40 pm

Next meeting: AGM May 26, 2018 and the next Executive meeting will be Saturday June 2, 2018 at noon.


NPC Executive meeting – Saturday, April 7, 2018

Call to order: 11:30 am
Present: Dave, Lee, Phil, Pat, Nadeen, Susan, Sandra
Regrets: Dee, Anna, Colin

Minutes of last meeting – December 9, 2017 – Pat made a motion to accept, Lee 2nd

Mexican Madness:  The event is scheduled for August 4, 2018.  Dee and Ronnie Pitcher are the organizers and will be using the on-line registration for the event.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bank balance is approximately $13,700.00.  Phil has a cheque for OW in the amount of $3,362.00 for our April rentals bringing the bank balance to around $10,400.00

Membership/Notifications:  87 members have already renewed their membership for 2018/2019.

Notification to new members – Lee responds to emails regarding lessons and Phil adds new members to our list.

Training update:  Nadeen – The next OW Beginner clinic is May 12, 2018 and it is full.  Nadeen will give handouts to these people regarding how to join the club and where to buy paddles, etc.

Lee – Island Connect training sessions – the current Level 1 class (started April 6) is full, there will be one more class in May.  He will need some more coaches to help.  Lee emails the ‘NPC Training Manual for Beginners’ to each participant of these classes.

Lee – Training development – Lee has designed a new training program, Level 2, as a follow up to the Level 1 training.  These will take place at IC on Monday evenings from 6 – 8:30 pm (starting April 16) for four weeks.  The purpose of this program is to work on players errors and get them corrected before developing any bad habits.  He has also designed a handout for player self evaluation so they can rate themselves prior to taking the Level 2 training.  Since Lee doesn’t already have enough on his plate, he is also giving informal lessons at Departure Bay outdoor courts three times a week (Mon, Wed. and Fri.) from 1 to 2:30 pm!!

Susan – Manta Sport program (teaching school kids how to play Pickleball) – she has not been able to find a facility to rent.

Beaufort Park update:  Dave contacted the RCMP re: our stolen Pickleball container.  He also contacted the City regarding organizing some events on the new courts and was told that we would have to pay to rent the facility.

Club Play update:  Nadeen – Saturday (April) is full, there is still room in May.   Lee – Wednesday evening is full, would like to change the start time to 6 pm as several of the players are late in arriving due to work.  Pat – Sunday is full, most players leave after 2 ½ hrs.  Susan – Tuesday is full and Thursday is about 75% booked.  Anna – “Bonus play time” was well received and attracted a high skill level.

Name tags and apparel program:  Name tags are given to new members when they attend Lee’s Level 1 training classes.  Lee and his lovely assistant Brenda will put up a display of our club apparel at the June tournament for anyone wishing to place an order for any of these items.

June tournament:  Tournament director is Vic Bryce.  Phil, Dave, and Joanne will meet with him April 8 for their first planning meeting.  As the tournament date gets closer, more volunteers will be needed.

Pickleball BC membership proposal:  Dave feels that NPC (as an organization) should become a member of Pickleball BC.  He will address this at the AGM in May.

AGM Planning, Board vacancies, etc:  The AGM is booked for May 26, 2018 at 12:00 noon.  There are several Board vacancies that need to be filled.  Dave has been given a few names: Bill Inglis, John Yim, and Sean Kennedy and he will pursue those.  We also need members to help in the following areas: Club rental sessions, City liason, Public relations, Interclub liason, equipment and maintenance, ratings, IT specialist, update policy and bylaws, etc.

Other Business:  Lee requested that some of our “loaner paddle” handles be re-wrapped as they are starting to fall apart.  He also needs some more indoor balls for IC sessions, Phil has some to give him.

Meeting adjourned at 1:40 pm

Next meeting:  Saturday, May 5, 2018 at 12:00 noon


NPC Executive meeting – Saturday, December 9, 2017

Call to order: 1:00pm
Present: Dave, Anna, Pat, Lee, Nadeen, Phil, Dee
Regrets: Colin, Susan, Sandra

Minutes of last meeting – November 4, 2017 – Lee made a motion to accept, Pat seconded. All in favour.

Punch Card: A big thank you to Dee & Ronnie for sponsoring the punch cards.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil:  Bank balance is approximately $15,000.00. Phil, Nadeen, Pat and Dave have signing authority. Gail Horley will purchase and give chocolates to the custodians at OW on behalf of the club as a Christmas present. Lee suggested we should also give a gift card to Joyce at SD68 for all her help with booking Island Connect School.

Membership: With the big increase in our membership over the past year, there has been a huge demand for play times. Pat made a motion to freeze membership immediately until the AGM in May. Phil seconded. Amendment – The people on the wait list for training in January and February are excluded from the freeze. After much discussion, the motion was defeated.

Training update:  Nadeen –instructors are in place for Parks and Rec Beginner clinic in January.
Lee – Another beginner training session has just started at Island Connect with 13 players. January and February clinics are full.
Parks and Rec will offer 3 Beginner clinics over 9 month period.

Communications re injuries/illnesses: Lee suggested that someone should be in charge of sending out ‘get well’ cards to our members who have not been able to play due to injuries or illnesses.

Dave will send out an email to members addressing the increase in membership and new play times being offered in the new year (extra hour for Saturday Play, new Tuesday PM play for intermediate and advanced play for January and March). We are asking Oliver Woods for available time on Sunday evenings or other times that we can offer to members so that you will have more options for indoor play in the winter months. Also stress that the club would prefer members pay online or by punch card. As to when members can prepay for club play times, it was decided that by noon on the first day of the month, the following 2 months will be open (eg on January 1st, February and March will be open).

Name Tags/Apparel: Lee – apparels will be in on Monday or Tuesday.

June tournament:  June 23/24 and Vic Brice is the Tournament Director.
*Mexican Madness* tournament is August 4th and is run by Dee and Ronnie Pitcher.

First Aid plan:  Nadeen will coordinate with Art Cochrane to help with registration and booking space at OW.

Club Christmas Party: Saturday, December 16. All members are welcomed.

Coverage: Anna and Phil will cover for Dave while he’s away January to March.

Other Business:

Storage Box at Beaufort Park – stolen this past week. Police have been made aware. No solution in the short term. Parks and Rec will consider a cinder block type of storage building, but not too likely until a proper structure is budgeted for and built (that is a ways away because there is no sewer connection or power there at this time).

Beaufort Park – Parks and Rec would work with us, plus accept some financial support, to put up wind screens and a practice wall at Beaufort.

Clocks at OW – still out 6 min. in gym 1 and not synced with gym 2 – Parks and Rec may install different clocks in both gyms or try to get these ones working more accurately.

Meeting adjourned at 2:40 pm
Next two meetings:  TBA


NPC Executive meeting – Saturday, November 4, 2017

Call to order: 1:30 pm
Present: Dave, Anna, Pat, Lee, Nadeen, Sandra, Susan, Dee
Regrets: Colin, Phil

Minutes of last meeting – October 7, 2017 – Lee made a motion to accept, Anna 2nd

Mexican Madness plans for 2018:  Dave will request a Saturday in late August for this event and Dee will check to see if she is available to organize it.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bank balance is approximately $12,500.00.  Pat’s name will be added to our current list of Executive members with signing authority on our bank account.

Membership/Notifications:  Our membership is currently at 207.

“Punch cards” – Expedia Cruise Ship Centers have agreed to sponsor our punch cards once again. Thank you Ronnie and Dee.   Notification to new members – Lee is emailing NPC information to our new members.

Training update:  Nadeen – The next OW Beginner clinic is in January 2018 and it is full.  Nadeen will give handouts to these people regarding how to join the club and where to buy paddles, etc.

Lee – Island Connect training sessions – the current class (Oct 27 to Nov 24) is full, the next two classes (Dec 1 to 22/17 and Jan 12 to Feb 2/18) are almost full.  ‘NPC Training Manual for Beginners’ has been emailed to the graduates of the training session ending Oct 13 as well as to the current class.  Lee has organized seven training sessions so far and feels that he is not able to sustain the pace.  In future, he will reduce the number of training sessions to coordinate with the OW Beginner clinics.

Susan – Manta Sport program (teaching school kids how to play Pickleball) – she will ask them about insurance.  Nadeen and Dee have volunteered to be trainers.

Beaufort Park update:  Dave will look into the possibility of putting up a windscreen on the new courts.

Club Play update:  Nadeen – Saturday is full, Lee – Wednesday evening is full, Pat – Sunday is full, she brought up an issue regarding pre-paids sharing spots with other members, which is not allowed (Dave will address this issue in an email to our members), Susan – Tuesday is full, would like a list of spares to fill any vacancies, Dave – Wednesday morning is full, Anna – Thursday morning, the numbers are still low, around 12.

“Special Events” – Dave has organized two extra play dates for our members:  Friday, December 8 (3:30 to 6:15 pm) and Monday December 11, 2017 (5 to 8 pm).  Dave, Pat, and Dee will help on December 8 and Nadeen and Anna will help on December 11.  The Pickleball Tutor ball machine will also be available on both nights.

Name tags and apparel program:  Lee will change the font on our new member name tags to something a little larger.

Motion:  Lee moved – NPC purchase some sample T-shirts in various sizes for women (V-neck) and men (crew neck) so that our members can try them on before placing an order.  These sample shirts will be sold to us at half price.  This was seconded by Sandra.

June tournament director:  Vic B. has agreed to be the tournament director and has been assured that he will be assisted by a very capable group of volunteers.

Club Christmas Party:  Saturday, December 16 @ 2:00 pm.  Dave will book a room at OW, Susan will bring the coffee and Nadeen is in charge of the goodies.

Pickleball BC membership proposal:  Dave would like to propose that NPC become a member of this organization.  One of the many benefits could be posting our tournaments on this site.

Other Business:  Dee would like to see more Club play times for intermediate to advanced players.  OW has given us a list of dates in January and March 2018 that would work and Anna has agreed to be the organizer.

Lee would like the club to set up a ‘Ratings clinic’ in 2018.

Meeting adjourned at 3:10 pm

Next meeting:  December 9, 2017 at 1:30 pm


NPC Executive meeting – Saturday, October 7, 2017

Call to order: 1:30 pm
Present: Dave, Anna, Pat, Lee, Nadeen, Sandra, Phil, Susan
Regrets: Colin, Dee

Minutes of last meeting – September 9, 2017 – Pat made a motion to accept, Lee 2nd

First Aid plan/Grant application:  Our grant application was denied.  We will organize first aid and AED training in the Spring of 2018.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bank balance is approximately $11,400.00

Membership/Notifications:  We have had a big increase in our membership to just over 200 members.  That is a 50% increase from a year ago.  This is due in large part to Lee’s Beginner training clinics at Island Connect where new players (members) are coached in the fundamentals of the game.  It was decided to recognize the 200th member with a 5-play punch card.

Notification to new members – they will be sent a Welcome letter and entered into our database.  If a new member registers on-line, Phil will be responsible for sending this information and if someone registers at club play then the co-ordinator for that session will be responsible.  Also, Lee will be notified so that he can order a name badge for the new member.

Training update:  Nadeen – OW Beginner clinics for October and November are now full.
Lee – Island Connect training program is fully booked until December.
Susan – Manta Sport program is looking for someone to teach Pickleball to about 15 elementary school age kids.  Susan offered to co-ordinate this venture and Nadeen volunteered to help.
Nancy S. three Skills and Drills clinics were sold out and the feedback was very positive.

Motion:  Lee moved – Starting November 1, 2017 only authorized training coaches will be exempt from paying ‘club play fees’ if they are coaching, not if they are playing.  This was seconded by Anna.

Beaufort Park update:  The locking storage box is working well.  ‘Lost and Found’ items will also be added to the box.

Club Play update:  Nadeen – 39 pre-paid for Saturday in October, Lee – Wednesday evening is full, Pat – Sunday is full, Anna – Tuesday is full, Dave – 11 pre-paid for Wednesday morning.

Name tags and apparel program:  Lee will send out an email regarding our apparel line so that orders can be placed and shirts received in time for Christmas.

June tournament director:  We haven’t found anybody yet, but Dave is working on it.

*Duncan Dazzle* tournament is in Duncan on October 28 and is very similar to our *Mexican Madness* tournament.  Both events are run by Dee and Ronnie Pitcher.

Other Business:  Phil will look into the feasibility of adding a ‘group organizing app’ to NPC website.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm
Next two meetings:  November 4 and December 9, 2017 at 1:30 pm


NPC Executive meeting – Saturday, September 9, 2017

Call to order: 1:30 pm
Present: Dave, Anna, Pat, Dee, Lee, Nadeen, Sandra, Colin
Regrets: Phil, Susan

Minutes of last meeting – August 5, 2017 – Pat made a motion to accept, Lee 2nd

2017 Mexican Madness:  Dee – the tournament went well, everyone had a lot of fun, $373 was spent on food & supplies

Treasurer’s Report:  Bank balance is approximately $10,000

Canada 150 Pickleball Day, August 19, 2017 Report:  Susan

The Beaufort Grand Opening/Canada 150 Pickleball Day took place on Aug 19th. The weather was fabulous, the company superb and the attendance of participants both from the club and the general public more than met our expectations. The day started with opening ceremonies, MCed by Richard Harding, Parks and Recreation. Mayor McKay, Councilman Ian Thorpe, and Councilman Bill Bestwick, spoke on the project and expressed appreciation for the support and enthusiasm that was evidenced by those in attendance. Our own Dave Eaton spoke and gave thanks for the awesome new courts and suggested that we are already promoting for new ones. Way to keep the pressure on! Councilwoman Sheryl Armstrong attended later in the day and visited with some of the club members. The first serve was hit by Mayor McKay and the rest of the day followed with training and some spirited games between club members. We registered 29 people for lessons throughout the day, and our wonderful volunteers ensured that the newbies received training and played a few games. Nancy, Piet and Jo had the ball tutor spitting out practice balls and newbies as well as club members practiced their shots. Volunteers, were as follows:- Joanne Young, Dee Pitcher, Gail Horley and Norm Wollbold all helped with registration and pitched in with some training as needed. Piet Komen, Nadeen, Sharon and Anna coached between 9:30-11:30 and Kathy, Peter and Inga coached between 11:30 and 3:00. Clementines, water and energy bars were available as snacks, and Alex, Carla and Delaine set up shop to promote and sell their paddles. Approx $115.00 dollars was spent on the snacks and some supplies from Staples, i.e. name tags, markers. The event was very successful in promoting our Nanaimo Pickleball Club, and also went a long way in showing our Municipal Government how popular our sport is, and how it keeps us active and moving. A great big shout out to all that made it possible.

Training update:  Lee (along with his helpers) have put an incredible amount of time and energy into our Beginner training program at Mt. Benson.  The next step is….how can we offer club play time to encourage these new players?  It was decided to designate at least one court on Tuesday and Wednesday to Beginners (this is already being done on Saturday).  The coordinators will send an email to our members with this information encouraging new members to engage in recreational play. The Club offered Skills and Drills training to our intermediate and advanced players led by Nancy Stern and her team. The classes are full with waiting lists.

Beaufort Park update:  Dave recommended purchasing a locking (combination lock) storage box that would be placed inside the courts.  The box would contain: brooms, squeegees, outdoor pickleballs, 2 paddles, etc.  The approximate cost would be between $600 to $700.  Lee will get a sticker to place on the box stating that it belongs to the Nanaimo Pickleball Club with a list of its contents.

Name tags and apparel program:  Lee continues to supply our new members with name tags.  The abundance of colourful NPC shirts on the courts are evidence of their popularity.

First Aid plan: Dave has applied for a $1,000 grant to go towards our First Aid training.  Once we receive it, we can then go ahead and set up some classes.  Art Cochrane has offered to teach these classes.

Vancouver Island Championships; League news:  The String Bean Theory team won the ‘B’ Division

June tournament director:  We need to find a director for the June tournament, Dave will ask a few people.  He also suggested that there be a pricing change between members and non-members.

Other Business:  Anna will add instructions on our website re: How to pay for Nanaimo Pickleball Club activities

Meeting adjourned at 3:10 pm
Next meeting:  October 7, 2017 at 1:30 pm


NPC Executive Meeting – Saturday, August 5, 2017

Call to order: 12:30 pm
Present: Dave, Nadeen, Phil, Lee, Anna, Pat, Dee, Sue
Regrets – Sandra, Colin

Minutes of last meeting – June 7, 2017 – motion to accept – Lee, 2nd by Pat, all in favour

Mexican Madness – Dee

Only 46 registered so far. Need 64 to work best.

More advertising such as print/laminate posters to be posted at Beban and Beaufort Parks as well as another email to members – Dave to look after. Probably have enough volunteers.

Treasurer’s Report – Phil

There’s $11,750 in the bank.  Still have $240 due from Parks and Recreation for the Beginners Clinic.

We have around 170 members to date.

Phil will direct any new member who sign up via website to Lee. Lee will determine his/her skill level and will make recommendation on best play times or beginner classes. Phil will email welcome letter and add the person’s name and email address to the database.

Canada 150 ParticiPACTION – Sue

Date is August 19th from 9 to 3pm.
Received ParticiPACTION 150 kit.
Liz Williams is the contact person for the City. The Mayor will be making a speech around 9:30am. Some councillors and the media will be there. Hoping they will get on the courts and play some pickleball.

Alex Gendron, Delaine Clavora and Carla Ellice will be on hand to sell paddles, balls and more.

Nancy Stern will demonstrate the Pickleball Tutor ball machine.

The public will sign in at the registration desk and when there’re 4 players they will go on the court with an instructor to show them how to play.

Lee will recruit instructors for the event.

Training – Lee

Friday beginner classes will start on November 17 due to availability of Island Connect School.

There will be 3 sessions – Nov 17-Dec 22; Jan 12-Feb 16 and Mar 2-Apr 6

Lee’s Intro to Pickleball manual is ready to go. Will post on website.

Skill and Drills for intermediate and advanced players is set for Sept 9, 10 and 17 with Nancy Stern leading. Limited to 16 players. If enough interest and Nancy’s availability more sessions might be added in October.

Beaufort Park – Dave

Now opened. There is a portapotty on site now. We can put a storage bin on site to store first-aid kit and some paddles. Will decide if needed at a future date. Storage bin ~ $300 and might be target of vandalism.

Club Play Update – Dave

Starting September at Oliver Woods and coordinators. All play times are at Oliver Woods and opened to all skill levels except as noted:

Tuesdays 12:30-2:30 pm – Anna

NEW – WEDNESDAY Mornings 8:30-10:30 am – Dave

* Wednesdays 6-8:30pm – Colin/Lee  (* at Island Connect School)

* Fridays 6-8:30pm – Lee (Beginner Classes at Island Connect School)

Saturdays 3:30-5:30pm – Nadeen

* Sundays 11:30-1:30pm – Intermediate and Advanced Play – Pat

Apparel Program – Lee

Shirts are in but hats are on backorder.

First Aid Plan – Dave

Waiting for cost of trainer from Art Cochrane. Probably about $500. Will apply for Community Sports Grant to help cover cost.  Course will be offered to members for $10 each.

VI Pickleball Association – VI Championship is next weekend Aug 12 and 13 at Fuller Lake.

League News – Nanaimo SBT team was down to Cowichan Lake for their match last week. Chemanius team played Nanaimo A team last weekend at Beaufort Park.

Other Business

Lee – can we encourage pre-game warmup to lessen injuries? Nadeen will research best warmup exercises.

Next meeting – September 9th at 1:30pm


Minutes of Executive Meeting, Saturday, July 15, 2017

Present: Dave, Pat, Nadeen, Colin, Lee, Sue, Anna
Regrets: Sandra, Phil
Guest: Piet Komen

Call to order: 10am

Motion to accept Minutes of last meeting – Lee, 2nd by Pat, all in favour

Tournament Report – Piet Komen

A big thank you to all participants and volunteers in our recent event. Your support made our tournament a great success. There were few constructive feedbacks for the next tournament directors to make it bigger, better and more fair for everybody. Maybe age category, grouping in ratings which was hard to do this year with 80% in 3.5, 15% in 4.0 and 5% in 3.0. I would recommend no more singles. It is too expensive for the very few players, rental of the gym and insurance. Every time we put on a tournament we learn from it. This information has to be passed onto the next tournament directors. There were some issues that came up too late for me to do anything about it. People do not come to play in tournaments to hear how we are going to make it better and different next year. They want to play a lot of games, have fun and play against different players, learn from it and become better players because of it. Thanks again, Piet.

Results are posted on our website.

Financial Statement from the tournament:

96 Participants

Revenue –
Entry fees    $3,740.00
Lunch                $10.00
Grant               $500.00
Total                                             $4,250.00

Expenses –
Stationary           $93.92
Food                 $736.00
Insurance         $260.00
OW Rental    $2,281.30
Total                                              $3,371.22
                                         Profit –    $878.78

Lee and Brenda MacDonald supplied 15 water bottles and 15 baseball caps for door prizes. Forgot to mention their efforts, thanks again.

Treasurer’s Report – Dave

There’s roughly $10,000 in our account. Dave is applying for the rest of the Hospitality Grant ($100).

Question – Do we need this Grant if we have $10,000 in the bank?

Answer – Yes, we apply for the grant to help cover cost of the tournament. We don’t necessarily need to make money on the tournament but we don’t want to lose money either. The money will eventually be spent on pickleball stuff.

Canada 150 Pickleball Day in Canada – Susan & Colin

Date – Saturday, August 19th at the new Beaufort Park Courts

Will invite dignitaries such as media personnel, City councilors to come try pickleball

Day of Event: schedule is from 9am – 3pm. Refreshment such as oranges, banana and water will be provided. Would like Instructors present to help introduce pickleball to beginners. So far we have Lee, Nadeen, Anna, and Dave Eaton. Looking for more volunteers. Probably 2-3 hour shifts.

Dave to design a flyer to hand out that day explaining how to join the club, where to play, play times and where to buy pickleball equipment.

Still waiting to receive the Participation Kit. Most important – we need courts to be ready. Dave will meet with Al and Richard from the City on Tuesday regarding status of the courts. We need to know if we can reserve the courts for events such as Grand Opening on the 19th, tournaments and club play times.

Training Update – Nadeen and Lee

Nadeen – July 8th Beginners Clinic went well with 4 instructors for 16 participants.

Lee has been designated ‘Training Coordinator’.

Lee meets twice a week with beginners at Departure Bay courts.

Beginner Lessons will start up again on Fridays starting September 15th at Island Connect School. This will be a 4-6 week rotation following every Beginner’s Clinic.

We should have a Mission Statement on why we’re doing training.

Beaufort Park Update – Dave

Courts are delayed because of residual oil still seeping up. Need that to clear before work can proceed.

Webpage Update – Anna

Redesigned with maps and more info on pages. Need someone to keep Facebook page updated.

Club Play Updates – Nadeen, Lee

Suggest a review of one safety or etiquette point before each club play.

Apparel Program – Lee

Latest order was for 52 t-shirts, 4 jackets and 3 hats.

First Aid Plan – Dave

Art Cochrane is leading this with Trudy Pitcher assisting.

A training kit was purchased with Parksville Pickleball Club to be shared between the two clubs. Training dates TBA but probably will begin in September.

Vancouver Island Pickleball Championship – Dave

Scheduled for August 12-13 at Fuller Lake Courts. Rain dates are August 19-20.

New Business – Dave

Dee Pitcher will replace Dennis Grainger as our new Director.  Welcome Dee.

Sportsmanship on the court – can club enforce bad sportsmanship in members? Depending on the severity, members should work it out among themselves. If it is verbal or physical abuse then it should be reported to the Executive where the Executive needs to talk to both members and decide appropriate action.

Adjournment – 12 noon

Next Meeting – Saturday, August 5th


NPC Executive meeting – Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Call to order:  4:00 pm
Present:  Dave, Pat, Piet, Sandra, Anna, Sue, Nadeen, Lee
Regrets:  Phil, Dennis

Minutes of last meeting – May 10, 2017 – Pat made a motion to accept and Nadeen 2nd

‘Treasurer’s Report’:  Phil – Bank balance of $10,000.00.

‘Tournament planning (2017)’:  Director Piet – 96 players have registered, there are 32 teams of mixed doubles,
19 teams of men’s doubles, 18 teams of women’s doubles, and 9 singles. Piet has 8 volunteers so far, he needs a few more.  Dave will send out an email to our members regarding the need for volunteers to help with the tournament.  There will be medals given for 1st place and certificates for 2nd and 3rd place competitors.  Door prizes consist of hats (12) and water bottles (12), the winner must be present to collect.

‘Apparel program and name tag update, etc.’:  Lee – The font on our name tags has changed, now more visible.  There will be samples of our entire line of shirts available at the June tournament.  Lee will also send out an email to members of our apparel collection and orders can be placed at the tournament.  Water bottles with the NPC logo will be for sale at the tournament as well.

‘Training update’:  Nadeen – O.W. July 8 Beginner clinic is full.  Starting in the fall, Beginner clinics should be booked approximately every two months.

Lee – Mt. Benson – 3 more weeks left, the training graduates are now moving into Saturday club play.  In the fall, he will request Thursday evening for training and Wednesday evening for play.

‘Beaufort Park update’:  Dave – should be ready at the end of June

‘Website updates’:  Anna – will re-design the webpage with drop down menus to make it more user friendly.

‘Club play updates’:  Pat – Tuesdays have been cancelled due to low attendance as well as Sundays.

Nadeen (Saturday) – 7 pre-paid for June, will continue with two gyms.  Lee (Wednesday) – 17 to 18 pre-paid.  Wednesday and Saturday club play will continue until the end of August.

‘Canada 150 Pickleball Day in Canada’:  Sue – Saturday, August 12 “Introduction to Pickleball” will be set up from 9 to 5 on our new Beaufort courts.   Invitations to be sent to the City and Parks and Rec.  Handouts re: drop-in, Beginner clinics, etc will be given out.  Sue needs 6 to 8 volunteers to help coach on the courts.

‘2017 Mexican Madness’:  The correct date for this tournament is now September 2 (Labour Day weekend), not September 9 as previously stated.

‘First Aid plan’:  Art Cochrane (Nanaimo Pickleball club) and Oceanside Pickleball club will share the cost of supplies, ie. for the training mannequin.

‘Executive Committee planning day’:  recommend July 15 or July 22

Meeting adjourned at 5:25 pm

Next meeting:  Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 12:30 pm


Nanaimo Pickleball Club – AGM – May 20, 2017

Call to order – 12:30 pm

Quorum, attendance report – Sandra reported that 29 members were present, therefore we had a quorum.

Dave welcomed our members and introduced the executive.

Acceptance of the agenda – Karen moved to accept the agenda and Ernie 2nd.

Minutes of the May 14, 2016 AGM – Sandra moved that last years AGM minutes be accepted and Brenda 2nd.

President’s report – Dave

Good afternoon everyone; thank you for coming today and for showing your support for our club and our sport.  We have grown in many ways in the past year and if the current trend is any indication, we will grow and improve even more through the coming year and beyond.

To see where we are heading, first, a brief look at some of the highlights of 2016/17:

  • Our membership has grown from 130 last year at this time to almost 160 this year.  There are lots of factors for the growth, but I want to thank Phil for his diligence and hard work this spring as we renewed most of our members in a few short weeks.  More members means our programs are supported but it also means we have to look for more programs to offer!
  • Our 2016 Indoor tournament and Mexican Madness Tournaments were both very successful; thanks to all the volunteers who made them happen.  This year, we are incorporating many of the things we learned in the past and our hope is that both will run smoothly and will showcase our club and members in a positive light again.  If you haven’t entered, it’s not too late!
  • Training and development continues to be a huge focus for our Executive, but I won’t steal any of Lee’s thunder on that one…more to follow
  • Another project that Lee took on, along with the help of his amazing wife Brenda, is our Apparel and name tag program; again more on that from Lee
  • Our gym rental activity at Oliver Woods grew to 4 times per week this spring, most of which have been either at capacity or very close to it.  We are looking at adding one more time starting in the fall, either at Oliver Woods or at Island Connect, the former Mt Benson School.  Your new executive will work on that right away.
  • Prepaid, paypal, and punch cards have virtually eliminated cash payments by members for our programs, something that is very much appreciated by the volunteers who accept, reconcile, deposit and account for payments.
  • Outdoor play at Beban Park as well as at Pioneer Park and Departure Bay, continue to be very popular with many members…the next phase at Beaufort Park is coming along, albeit with some significant delays caused by the crazy winter and early spring weather we experienced.  Paving was done yesterday, to be followed next week by fencing, nets, and the rest of the program.   Hopefully we will be playing there by the first or second week of June.  We will keep you informed by email as it nears completion.  Our members will want to support this location as much as possible once it’s open so we can recognize the good judgement and investment made by Parks & Recreation and City Council.
  • Our Executive will be looking at holding a one-day planning session in the next few weeks to create a vision and plan for the next year as well as the next 3-5 years.  We will report on that process once completed so you can follow along with the action as it relates to our goals and objectives.
  • Speaking of our executive, I want to personally thank each of them for all their dedication and hard work this year.  I’m proud to be a part of what we’ve accomplished as a team.  For the coming year, I hope we will have a few new faces join the Executive so it can evolve and continue to serve our members effectively…keep this in mind when we have the election of officers today!

Thanks again everyone, it’s been a very busy year!  I’ve enjoyed being your President and want to thank all those in the club who have volunteered in whatever way you have…it’s great to see so many people step up and help…after all, it’s our Nanaimo Pickleball Club!

Sincerely, Dave Eaton, President

Treasurer’s report – Phil

Nanaimo Pickleball Club Statement of Income and Expenses for the year ended April 30, 2017

Members: 157


Membership Dues:                           $2,620.00

Club Play:                                          $22,353.00

50% Share Clinics:                                $682.00

Tournament Fees:

50% Share – July Tournament       $4,350.00

40% Share – Mexican Madness          $960.00

Total Revenue                                                            $30,965.00


Playing Facility Rental:                  $20,547.00

Tournament Expenses:

– July                                     $1,353.00

– Mexican Madness               $344.00

Insurance:                                                $250.00

Meetings, socials:                                      $97.00

Pickleball supplies:                                 $699.00

Website:                                                     $262.00

Miscellaneous:                                            $49.00

Bank charges:                                             $118.00

Total Expenses                                                          $23,719.00

NET INCOME                                                               $7,246.00

Beginning Bank Balance:                      $5,013.00

Add Net Income:                                     $7,246.00

Ending Bank Balance$12,259.00


Tournament report – Piet Komen

84 players have registered, will allow up to a 100 participants. Tournament information to be posted on the website by the end of May, if maximum of 100 is not reached, then Piet will advertise.  Referees and lines people will only be available for the final games.  Medals will be given out to the winners.

Outdoor courts (Beaufort) report – Dave

The courts are paved and nets should be going up soon.  There will also be a porta potty.  The club might consider donating a water fountain.

Training clinics report – Nadeen – OW Beginner clinics are always full with 16 players.

Lee’s report – With the support of our executive, the Nanaimo Pickleball Club launched into organized training for “beginners” in January 2017.  Nadeen had expertly led newcomers through the introduction to pickleball with two hour sessions once every two or three months at Oliver Woods and it became clear that the gap between this intro session and Saturday play was still too great.  Players were not arriving at Saturday play with sufficient knowledge of the game rules or techniques, all things that can be learned best through practice.

On January 13, Sharon Cameron and myself co-coordinated the first formal pickleball club training session for beginners.  Since then we have opened the doors to 48 people and expanded in March to two nights per week from two hours to two and one half hours each night.  The Friday night team consists now of Sharon Cameron, Nadeen Bettney and myself.  Dom Gonzales also helped one night during our snow season.  The Thursday team of coaches consists of Anna Edgar and myself as co-coordinators and we had the welcome addition of Len Stanway for three weeks.  These people, who had given the exceptional gift of their time, have made this special opportunity for training beginners, possible.

Lesson plans have been written for each evening of a four- week training program with an option to extend to six weeks for some trainees.  Class subjects include: serves, return of serves, dinking, volleying, half volley shots, smash or put away shots, paddle positioning, court positioning and strategies!  A lot to put into 10-15 hours of training!!

We have 11 graduates from training to Saturday play with the prospect of 20 more in June.  We have opened the doors to five regular club players who wished to come to improve specific skills and return to regular play with new tools to take to their games.  Four people found that pickleball was not for them and five will be returning from varying lengths of hiatus due to injuries or personal issues.  One of our trainees is taking longer to consolidate the learning and practice but is making continuous progress and special accommodations have been made for this individual.

I have written the bulk of the training package for trainees and this will be available in early June.  I will have the coaching handbook completed by the fall with lesson plans, posters, kits for coordinators and outlined drills.  It is important to note that this training is NOT in place of the wonderful Skills and Drills training offered by Nancy Stern rather this training is for newcomers to the sport.  Nancy’s level of training is exceptional for those who have some experience on the courts and wish to hone specific skills.

I wish to thank Sharon, Nadeen, Anna, Len and Dom for their outstanding efforts and commitment to this amazing venture for our club.  I wish to thank also Dave Eaton and the executive first for recognizing the need, then being willing to support this plan and finally for having faith in me to lead this project.  The project has been blessed with tremendous commitment and skill from our coaches and by all accounts so far, the project has begun to meet a significant need for our new club members.  Thank you also to our club members for welcoming our grads and supporting them in their journey to know more and to learn to love this amazing game!  The plan is to continue in September with one training night, likely Thursday from September to June.

Respectfully submitted,

Lee MacDonald, Director At Large, Co-Coordinator of Thursday and Friday Night Training for Beginners

Proposed revisions to our bylaws – Dave

1 – Propose to replace Article I  4.) with ‘If a new member joins the club and pays the appropriate dues after January 1st and before AGM of that year, then their dues for that period will be reduced to 50% of the normal annual dues.  A renewing member will still pay the normal dues regardless of when they renew.’

Dave moved to accept this revision and Nancy 2nd.

2 – A new clause to be inserted into Article II * Meetings and Special Resolutions: ‘5.) Should an executive member or director vacate their position during the year; the Executive may, at their discretion, appoint for the balance of that year another member in good standing to replace that person.  The newly appointed person shall have the same rights and responsibilities of the person who has vacated their position.’

Dave moved to accept this new clause and Werner 2nd.

Apparel program report – Lee

I think we will all agree that the Nanaimo Pickleball Club is becoming one of the “Best Dressed” clubs around!  In June, 2016, the Executive endorsed the idea to make available attire for pickleball play.  We started with T-shirts with screen printed club logos, many of which can be seen here today and which also constitute a “sea of colour” out on the courts during club play.  To date we have sold (at no profit to person or the club) about 160 T shirts, both crew neck and sleeveless for Men, V—Neck and sleeveless for ladies, in a field of colours from neon to heather.  We also have warm up jackets that were introduced in November of last year and this year we are carrying the new line of golf shirts with embroidered logos!!  We are also making available, ball caps with embroidered club logos and stick on logo water bottles for sale in June.  Special thanks go to Brenda MacDonald for helping behind the scenes to make this project work.  Our living room has looked more like a patchwork quilt than a living room when we received the first order of about 125 shirts!  Since then, with her remarkable organizational strategies, this project has become easy to manage!  I can hardly wait to see what 2018 will bring!!

The club executive had decided in late 2016 to purchase name tags for our new members.  This was thought to be one way that we could get to know our new members sooner.  It is a special pleasure for me to offer these tags to our new members at Thursday and Friday training.  Many existing club members have purchased name badges on their own for $7.00 and we now have about 70 name badges either on order or purchased.  Some of our club members have been offered the special electro magnetic badges complete with power source so that they are less likely to lose them!  (Just kidding!)  Once again there is no profit to the club for any of these materials they are sold at cost.

It has been an exciting year for the Nanaimo Pickleball Club and these ventures have helped to build a greater sense of community and spirit and appreciation for one another.

Respectfully submitted, Lee MacDonald, Director at Large, Apparel Co-Coordinator

First Aid program proposal – Art Cochrane has offered to give basic 1st aid training courses to our members at no charge.  This will be discussed further at the next executive meeting.

Safety & Etiquette for club play – Brenda – Safety and etiquette rules will be listed on our website.  The co-ordinators of club play will be asked to remind our members of some of these rules prior to play.

Club play options for Aug 2017 to March 2018 – Dave – We currently have 4 days per week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at OW.  In the Fall/Winter session we lose Wednesdays. Dave will look into booking more club play times for Wednesday and Thursday during the day.

Other Business

Debbie asked “Why did we drop the City of Nanaimo logo from our website?”.  Dave responded that we were told we could not use it, therefore the Executive decided to use our Nanaimo Pickleball logo instead.

Nancy S. reported that the 55+ Seniors has purchased a ‘Pickleball machine’ which could be used at training sessions.

Dave requested that the dues for next year be changed to $20 for new members and $10 for renewals. Piet made the motion and Maurice 2nd.

Election of officers – Joanne – the following positions were voted in by acclamation

President:  Dave Eaton

Vice President:  Anna Edgar

Treasurer:  Phil Morgan

Secretary:  Sandra Backman

Directors at large:  Lee MacDonald, Nadeen Bettney, Pat Thomson, Colin Campbell, Susan Newell, and Dennis Granger

Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned at 2:20 pm



NPC Executive meeting – Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Call to order:  4:00 pm

Present:  Dave, Brenda, Pat, Joanne, Piet, Phil, Lee, Sandra, Nadeen, Anna, Colin,

Regrets:  none

Minutes of last meeting – April 8, 2017, Brenda made a motion to accept and Joanne 2nd

‘Tournament planning (2017), Director Piet and Vaughan’:  Piet – Registration is going well, there will be a cutoff of about 100 players.  Phil is taking care of the money through Paypal.  We will need to purchase new balls for the tournament as well as some for our club play.  Dave will talk to Alex regarding this matter.  Water bottles and ball hats (with our logo) will be given out as ‘Door Prizes”.  Dave will also contact Paul to see if Subaru would like to sponsor our tournament as they had given us cash and prizes last year.  Shirley has graciously agreed to cater the luncheon again for our hungry players.

 ‘Treasurer’s Report’:  Phil – Bank balance of $14, 950.00.  Membership renewals…153.  Paid $360 for our liability insurance.  To date we have sold about 85 punch cards.

‘T-shirt (apparel program) and name tag update, etc.’:  Lee – Purchased 7 name tags for new members as well as for those instructors that didn’t already have one.  He will post samples of our “apparel line” for club members to check out.   Lee will order 6 men’s hats, 6 ladies hats, and 12 water bottles for the June tournament prizes.  He and his wonderful wife, Brenda will once again set up a table with samples of our shirts at the June tournament.

‘Training update’:  Nadeen – The May 13 Beginner clinic at OW is full with 5 instructors volunteering their time.

Lee – Training at Mt. Benson – currently running two nights, Thursday and Friday because of the high demand.  Anna, Nadeen and Sharon are his trusty assistants.  These training clinics help the new players gain confidence in their Pickleball skills.  Lee would like to thank the Executive for their support in endorsing these training sessions and he is also in the process of writing a training manual.

‘Beaufort Park update’:  Dave – the City is working on it, weather permitting.

‘Website updates’:  Anna will put our logo on the website.

‘Club play updates’:  Pat (Tuesday) – 19 pre-paid, Nadeen (Saturday) – 28 pre-paid, Anna (Sunday) – 10 pre-paid, Lee (Wednesday) – 19 pre-paid.

Starting in September, Lee will request Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings at Mt. Benson.  **Note to Co-ordinators at our club play sessions….Please remind players of “court etiquette” prior to play.

 ‘2017 Mexican Madness’:  Ron and Dee Pitcher are organizing this event.

‘AGM planning’:  Sandra – goodies, Lee – coffee, Dave – President’s report, Phil – Treasurer’s report, Piet – Tournament report. Executive show up at 12 pm to help set-up for meeting.

 ‘First Aid concerns’:  Art Cochrane has offered to teach first aid courses to our members for free.  We will present this at the AGM to see if there is interest from our members.

 ‘Pickleball Canada membership’:  our membership has lapsed, it would cost each person $12/year to belong.  We have decided not to recommend re-joining this organization to our members.

 ‘Paddle systems to make play more fair and easier for co-ordinators’:  We don’t have storage facilities for storage so after discussion it was decided that our current system was working fine and that we didn’t need to implement a “paddle system”.

‘Other Business’:  Lee suggested having a separate meeting apart from our regular monthly meetings to develop a ‘plan’ for the club listing our GOALS such as…..training, outdoor play, tournament planning, manuals, amongst other topics.

Meeting adjourned at 5:40 pm

Next meeting:  May 20, 2017 at 12:30 pm


NPC Executive meeting – Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Call to order: 4:00 pm

Present: Dave, Brenda, Pat, Joanne, Piet, Phil, Lee, Sandra, Nadeen, Anna, Colin,

Regrets: none

Minutes of last meeting – April 8, 2017, Brenda made a motion to accept and Joanne 2nd

Tournament planning (2017), Director Piet and Vaughan’: Piet – Registration is going well, there will be a cutoff of about 100 players. Phil is taking care of the money through Paypal. We will need to purchase new balls for the tournament as well as some for our club play. Dave will talk to Alex regarding this matter. Water bottles and ball hats (with our logo) will be given out as ‘Door Prizes”. Dave will also contact Paul to see if Subaru would like to sponsor our tournament as they had given us cash and prizes last year. Shirley has graciously agreed to cater the luncheon again for our hungry players.

Treasurer’s Report’: Phil – Bank balance of $14, 950.00. Membership renewals…153. Paid $360 for our liability insurance. To date we have sold about 85 punch cards.

T-shirt (apparel program) and name tag update, etc.’: Lee – Purchased 7 name tags for new members as well as for those instructors that didn’t already have one. He will post samples of our “apparel line” for club members to check out. Lee will order 6 men’s hats, 6 ladies hats, and 12 water bottles for the June tournament prizes. He and his wonderful wife, Brenda will once again set up a table with samples of our shirts at the June tournament.

Training update’: Nadeen – The May 13 Beginner clinic at OW is full with 5 instructors volunteering their time.

Lee – Training at Mt. Benson – currently running two nights, Thursday and Friday because of the high demand. Anna, Nadeen and Sharon are his trusty assistants. These training clinics help the new players gain confidence in their Pickleball skills. Lee would like to thank the Executive for their support in endorsing these training sessions and he is also in the process of writing a training manual.

Beaufort Park update’: Dave – the City is working on it, weather permitting.

Website updates’: Anna will put our logo on the website.

Club play updates’: Pat (Tuesday) – 19 pre-paid, Nadeen (Saturday) – 28 pre-paid, Anna (Sunday) – 10 pre-paid,

Lee (Wednesday) – 19 pre-paid. Starting in September, Lee will request Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings at Mt. Benson. **Note to Co-ordinators at our club play sessions….Please remind players of “court etiquette” prior to play.

2017 Mexican Madness’: Ron and Dee Pitcher are organizing this event.

AGM planning’: Sandra – goodies, Lee – coffee, Dave – President’s report, Phil – Treasurer’s report, Piet – Tournament report

First Aid concerns’: Art Cochrane has offered to teach first aid courses to our members for free. We will present this at the AGM to see if there is interest from our members.

Pickleball Canada membership’: our membership has lapsed, it would cost each person $12/year to belong. We have decided not to recommend re-joining this organization to our members.

Paddle systems to make play more fair and easier for co-ordinators’: It was decided that our current system was working fine and that we didn’t need to implement a “paddle system”.

Other Business’: Lee suggested having a separate meeting apart from our regular monthly meetings to develop a ‘plan’ for the club listing our GOALS such as…..training, outdoor play, tournament planning, manuals, amongst other topics.

Meeting adjourned at 5:40 pm

Next meeting: May 20, 2017 at 12:30 pm


NPC Executive meeting – Saturday, April 8, 2017

Call to order:  12:30 pm

Present:  Dave, Lee, Joanne, Anna, Colin, Pat Sandra, Nadeen, Brenda

Regrets:  Phil

Minutes of last meeting – December 6, 2016, Lee made a motion to accept and Joanne 2nd

Treasurer’s Report’:  Phil – Bank balance $10, 300.00.  Tournament damage deposit of $250.00 was paid to OW.  We need to add Pat to our authorized signatories.  As of April 1, no more $5 cash drop in on Saturdays.  More members are prepaying or buying punch cards and hopefully this will carry over to other club play days.  Our Beginner clinic invoices to the City of Nanaimo are now being deposited directly to our bank account.

Tournament planning (2017)’:  Proposed registration date of May 1, 2017 should be available on our website.  Dave will contact Piet and Vaughan re: getting this organized on our website.  He will also ask if Shirley has been approached to do the catering.  Joanne suggested that we get some T-shirts, hats, and visors made up for our June tournament to give away as prizes and also to sell to the out-of-town competitors.

T-shirt and name tag update, etc.’:  Lee – To date 150 T-shirts and 75 name tags have been sold.  Our fashion guru, Lee, will be introducing the “golf shirt” to our new Spring line up at a cost of $39.  He will email our members with the details regarding the new shirts.

Training update’:  Nadeen – Beginner clinics…there has been a big demand, currently there is a waitlist to get in, more clinics need to be organized.

Skills and Drills for Beginners” on Friday night at Mt Benson…a big thank you to Lee, Sharon, and Nadeen for running these clinics.  They have proven to be a tremendous help to the new players.  Lee will book the month of June at Mt Benson to continue these sessions.  He will also write up some handouts to be distributed to the new players.  Lee asked if the club would purchase some new paddles or perhaps our members would like to donate (or sell) their old paddles for use at these clinics.

Beaufort Park update’:  Dave met with Al (Parks and Rec) and the new courts should be ready in early June.  There will be 6 courts, benches, and a porta potty.  Also, a 4 ft chain link fence will divide the courts…3 on each side.

Membership, website updates’:  Nadeen – approximately 163 members.  Nadeen and Anna will attempt to remove the City logo from our website and replace it with our Nanaimo Pickleball club logo.

Club play updates’:  Pat for Tuesday session – 17 to 18 pre-paid over the winter, currently overbooked at 21.  Nadeen for Saturday session – 40 pre-paids, April is full.  Anna for Sunday session – it was slow over the winter, but it is now full.  Lee for Wednesday session – full for April.  Lee for Friday session at Mt Benson – 11 to 16, program is going well, possibly looking at implementing a second evening for training.

Pickleball BC membership opportunity’:  This is a new organization, you can join up for free on-line.  Dave will work with Walter on this at the provincial level.

2017 Mexican Madness’:  The date has been booked for Saturday, September 9, 2017.  Dee will organize this event again, but will need volunteers to help.

AGM plans’:  Booked for Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 12:30 pm.  There will be two Bylaw changes presented to our members at the AGM.  These have been pre-approved for presentation by the Executive.  Change #1 –Lee made a motion to accept, Brenda 2nd.  Change #2 –Joanne made a motion to accept, Lee 2nd.

Dave will make a motion to reduce our membership dues for new members to $20 from the current $25 (our member renewal fee will remain at $10/year).   Brenda moved to accept and Pat 2nd.

There will also be an election of officers, some of the current executive have agreed to stay on the board.

Sandra will bring the goodies and Lee has offered to pick up the coffee.

Other Business’:  VIPA (Vancouver Island Pickleball Association)

Meeting adjourned at 2:20 pm

Next meeting:  Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 4:00 pm


NPC Executive meeting – Tuesday December 6, 2016

Call to order 10:30 am
Present: Dave, Pat, Nadeen, Brenda, Sandra, Lee
Regrets: Joanne, Phil, Colin

Minutes of last meeting – November 8, 2016.  Pat made a motion to accept and Brenda 2nd.

Treasurer’s report:  Phil – current balance is $9,545.00.  Dave paid OW $2,500.00 for November and December gym rentals.  Also, $133.00 to rent the room for our Christmas social on December 10.  We received $120.00 from OW for our Beginner clinics.

Tournament planning (2017):  Piet is our new director, Vaughan has agreed to be his assistant.  Jo and Nadeen have offered to help as well.  Registration for the June 2017 tournament will start May 1/17 and close June 14/17.

T-shirt and name tag update – Lee:  Sales have gone very well…special thanks to Brenda M. for all her help in keeping this project so organized.
Lee made a motion “NPC will order name tags for any new members that have joined since November 1, 2016.  The cost for the name tag to be included in the membership fee.”  Brenda Stewart seconded the motion and it was passed.

Training update:  Nadeen- 2 people from December 3 Beginner clinic are interested in the extra training session offered prior to regular club on Saturday, Dec 10.  Lee has offered to help Nadeen in co-ordinating these extra training clinics (Saturday 2 – 3 pm).

Beaufort Park update:  Dave met with Richard and Al from Parks and Rec on November 18 and the new courts will go ahead in the spring of 2017.

Membership, website updates:  Nadeen- 6 new members.  Nadeen will update our website to include information on “How to join the Nanaimo Pickleball Club”.

Club play updates:  Pat for Tuesday session- still going well, 17 to 18 pre-paids.  Lee for Wednesday evening session- 13 pre-paids, always fully booked.  Nadeen for Saturday session- 31 pre-paids for Dec.  Sunday session has now changed to open play for all levels and Anna will be organizing it.

Christmas social Saturday December 10 from 1 to 2:30 pm:  Sandra will bring the goodies and Lee has offered to pick up the coffee.

2017 Mexican Madness:  We have requested September 9, 2017 as the date for the tournament, but unfortunately it is still too early to book it.

Coverage when Executive are away:  Nadeen made a motion that Phil be acting President from January to March 2017 while Dave is away.  Lee seconded the motion and all were in favour.

Other Business:  Discussion regarding non members wanting to play on NPC sponsored times.  Pat made a motion “During club sponsored sessions, only members will be allowed to play”.  Lee seconded the motion and it was passed.  This will be in effect starting January 1, 2017.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm


NPC Executive meeting – Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Call to order 10:30 am
Present:  Dave, Pat, Jo, Lee, Brenda, Sandra, Nadeen
Regrets:  Phil, Colin

Minutes of last meeting – October 8, 2016.  Pat made a motion to accept and Jo 2nd

‘Treasurer’s report’:  Phil – current balance is $9,823.00.  Punch card sales are going well.  Dave would like to order 75 more cards from Ron Pitcher.

‘Tournament planning’:  Piet Komen has offered to be our new director for the June 2017 tournament.  He will need a couple of assistants, so more volunteers are required.

‘T-shirt and name tag update’:  Lee will be placing an order for 28 more shirts and 9 warm up jackets.  Included in the T-shirt order will be our new line of sleeveless shirts (11 ladies and 10 men).  To date he has sold 154 shirts and 48 name tags….amazing.

‘Training update’:  Nadeen – November 5 Beginner clinic went well with 16 participants signed up but only 11 attended.  5 new players have signed up for our “additional training” clinic on November 12 from 2 to 3 pm prior to our regular club play.
Skills and Drills for members – nothing more booked this year, will arrange more clinics when Nancy Stern returns in the spring.

‘Beaufort Park update’:  Dave has a meeting on November 9 to review the layout of the courts and any amenities needed such as benches, porta potty, etc.

‘Membership’:  Nadeen – 3 new members, for a total of approximately 130.

‘Club play updates’:  Pat for Tuesday session- 17 pre-paids.  Lee for Wednesday session- can only accommodate a maximum of 15 players and is always fully booked.  Nadeen for Saturday – 25 pre-paids out of 40, full house each week with wait lists, Dave for Sunday session- Jo will organize November play, Anna and Pete will take over for January to March 2017.

‘Officer and Director insurance’:  we decided not to do anything at this time, but will present it to the membership at our AGM in May 2017.  Thanks Joanne for looking into this matter.

‘VIPA’:  Vancouver Island Pickleball Association summer outdoor league proposal- there will probably be a lot of interest in this, but Nanaimo pickleball club will not be organizing it.

‘Other Business’:  Brenda Stewart has offered to deliver a card to Dave Parsons for Trudy wishing her well and a speedy recovery from the NPC.

NPC Christmas party – Saturday December 10, 2016 from 1:00 to 2:30 pm at OW prior to our regular club play.  There will be coffee,  yummies, and good cheer.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm

Next meeting Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 10:30 am


NPC Executive meeting – Saturday October 8, 2016

Call to order 1:00 pm
Present:  Dave, Pat, Joanne, Lee, Sandra, Phil
Regrets:  Nadine, Brenda, Colin

Minutes of last meeting – September 13, 2016.  Lee made a motion to accept and Jo 2nd

‘Treasurer’s report’:  Phil – current balance is $10,630.00.  We owe OW $1,100.00 for October.  Approximately 19 punch cards have been sold.  Phil will streamline the club’s email.

‘Tournament planning’:  We are looking for a new Director to organize our June 2017 tournament.  We also encourage our members to participate in the “Duncan Dazzle” tournament on October 22, it will be a fun event like Mexican Madness.

‘T-shirt and name tag update’:  our very own “fashionista”, aka Lee will be adding a couple of new items to our clothing line.  They will be….sleeveless shirts ($12) and warm up jackets ($37).  These new additions will be presented to the membership by October 15.  To date he has sold 125 t-shirts, WOW!  We would also like our members to wear their name tags, especially the newer players.

‘Indoor play at local school gyms’:  Lee – the gym at Mount Benson elementary was chosen to be the most suitable.  Wednesday night play will commence October 12, so far 9 players have committed for that evening, a maximum of 15 players will be accepted as there are only 3 courts.

‘Training update’:  Nadeen – next Beginner clinics are November 5 and December 3, two more instructors are needed for these clinics.  The main question from the new players is where can they play to try and improve their skills.  Lee suggested that we need to set up some court time for these new players who have attended the Beginners clinic.  Dave will look into this, perhaps we could set aside 2 courts on a Saturday once the Skills and Drills lesson is over or rent the gym from 2 to 3 pm after a Beginners clinic. The next Skills and Drills clinic will be October 15.

‘Beaufort Park update’:  The presentation to City council went extremely well as they have approved 6 new pickleball courts for spring of 2017.  Thank you Dave for all your hard work and dedication in making this happen.

‘Website updates and membership’:  Nadeen – the calendar has been updated until December.  We have 3 new members (all recruited by Lee) for a total of 128.

‘Club play updates’:  Pat for Tuesday session- 17 pre-paids.  Nadeen for Saturday session- 35+ players each week, 21 pre-paids for October.

‘Newsletter proposal’:  Lee would like to propose that the club put out a Newsletter on a regular basis.

‘Other Business’:  The 55+Games Zone 2 may purchase a Pickleball Tutor machine for use by all players in the zone and it could be stored at OW if purchased.  Parksville is also looking for a location to store it.

Joanne- should we be getting “Officer and Director” insurance to cover the decisions we make on behalf of the club.  She will investigate this further.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm

Next meeting Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 10:30 am


NPC Executive meeting – Tuesday September 13, 2016

Call to order 11:00 am
Present: Dave, Phil, Joanne, Sandra, Nadeen, Pat, Lee
Regrets: Brenda

Minutes of last meeting – August 24, 2016.  Jo made a motion to accept and Lee 2nd.

‘Treasurer’s report’:  Phil – current balance is approximately $9,000.00.  An invoice has been sent to O.W. for $960.00 (Mexican Madness tournament).
PUNCH CARDS: now available for purchase on NPC website.  Our aim is to discontinue collecting “$5 drop-in cash” from our players.  We have decided on a target date of Nov 1, 2016 at which time the session coordinators will no longer accept “$5 drop-in cash”.  Punch cards and Pre-paids can still be paid for in cash to the coordinators on play days or preferably on the website.  Phil will communicate this change to our Members.

‘Mexican Madness update’:  next year Dee would like the NPC to organize the tournament (not OW).  Joanne will show Dee how to use the Cognito software so that this can be done through the club.  Very positive reports on the tournament- great job Dee and all her helpers!

‘T-shirt and name tag update’:  Lee would like to introduce warm up jackets along with some new shirt styles.  He will present these at the October meeting.

‘Indoor play at local school gyms’:  Lee met with Colin and had a look at the NDSS gym.  He found that it was not acceptable due to poor lighting and there wasn’t  enough space.  Lee will investigate other gyms to see if he can find a suitable location.

‘Training update’:  Nadeen – we have instructors for the September Beginner clinic, but will need to find some for the November & December clinics.  Skills and Drills – Nancy S. will be teaching “Game and partner strategy” on September 17.

‘Website updates and Membership’:  Nadeen will attempt to rename the NPC member button (now at the top of the page) to “Members and Payment” to make it more obvious as to where members can make their payments.
We now have 125 members.

‘Club play updates’:  Pat for Tuesday session- 14 to 15 pre-paids.  Nadeen for Saturday session- about 30-40 players, but only 14 pre-paids for September.  Dave for Sunday session- 18 pre-paids.

‘Beaufort Park update’:  The City will propose adding 6 new outdoor Pickleball courts at Beaufort if the budget is passed.  The 2 courts at Beban will remain until that happens.
**There will be a Parks and Rec meeting regarding Beban Park on Wednesday September 21 at 5:30 pm (411 Dunsmuir – City hall).

Meeting adjourned at 12:14 pm
Next meeting Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 11:00 am


NPC Executive meeting – Wednesday August 24, 2016

Call to order 4:35 pm
Present: Dave, Phil, Joanne, Pat, Sandra, Lee, Nadeen
Regrets: Brenda

Minutes of last meeting – July 20, 2016. Pat made a motion to accept and Lee 2nd.

‘Treasurer’s report’:  Phil – current balance is $7,759.00.  An invoice has been sent to O.W. for $90.00 (last Beginners clinic).
PUNCH CARDS – Ron and Dee Pitcher have offered to be sponsors for the NPC, they will give us a cheque for $200 and also print the cards.  One side of the card will have 10 circles (happy faces) on it that will be crossed off as the player uses them, the other side will have our sponsor information….Expedia Cruise Ship Centers (Ron and Dee’s business).  We will proceed with this design.
Cost will be $25 or $50 for the card depending if you want to buy 5 or 10 sessions and they will be on sale starting September 2016.

‘Mexican Madness update’:  Dee is still looking for helpers, Lee volunteered to pick up the coffee.  Next year NPC will look into organizing this tournament along with Dee and Ronnie using the tournament software and our website for registration and payment.  We will also take care of the gym rental.

‘T-shirts and Name tag update’:  Due to popular demand, Lee has ordered another 17 shirts and 4 name tags.  New T-shirt styles will be launched in November just in time for Christmas.

‘Prepaid players online’:  $20/month (4 or 5 sessions), $15 if only 3 sessions in that month.

‘Committee re: OW drop in rules’:  Vaughn would like to approach OW as a “taxpayer” regarding this issue and not as a NPC member so that his views won’t be seen as reflecting those of the club.

‘Training update’:  Beginners clinic September 24 – Nadeen will organize, Lee, Joanne, and Peter K. will help.  50% of the proceeds from these clinics go to the NPC.
Skills and Drills clinics will be organized again on Saturdays starting mid September.
Nancy S. has volunteered to help until the 3rd week in October, Nadeen will set aside 2 courts for these clinics, depending on the response from our members.  Nadeen will draft an email to our members to see which topics are most in demand.

‘Membership’:  Nadeen – 123 members
Past members are eligible for re- instatement by paying $10, there will be no penalty.

‘Ratings and Competitive play committee’:  Dave, Nadeen, and Pat reviewed our club members and made a list of those who get invited to play on Sunday.  Our list will be reviewed at members request.

‘Outdoor Pickleball’:  Beaufort – possibly 6 new courts in the spring of 2017 if approved by the City.

Meeting adjourned at 5:45 pm

Next meeting Tuesday, September 13, 2017 at 11:00 am


NPC Executive meeting – Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Call to order 4:30 pm

Present: Dave, Brenda, Sandra, Nadeen, Joanne, Pat, Lee, John

Regrets: Phil, Dave P.

‘Treasurer’s report’: no report, Phil away.

City of Nanaimo for court rentals;  Leapforward for website work; Alex Gendron for pickleballs;  Pat T. to reimburse Shirley G. for catering; Nadeen for gifts for our tournament chairs and Shirley

‘2016 Tournament report’:

Great job John and Joanne for a superbly run tournament.

Nanaimo Tournament:

– 110 Participants

– 27 from the Nanaimo club.

– Largest group being the 3.5’s


– $ 4,232.84 from Cognito online registration

– 115.00 from checks or cash – for registration given to Phil or Nadeen

–  500.00 grant

– 100.00 sponsor money from Nanaimo Subaru

– 40.00 extra events – paid at tournament

– 25.00 lunches – paid at tournament

– $5,012.84 Total Revenue


– $ 206.05 owed to John – medals $131.04, stationary $6.67, tape $4.90, Cognito fees $63.44

–  $15.00 – cash refund for 3 events

– $997.30 – to Shirley for lunch

–  $150.00 – insurance

– $2,054.00 – gym rental (approximate, I don’t have the exact amount paid)

$3422.35  Total Expenses



There were also $400.00 in prizes donated by Nanaimo Subaru that were drawn both days.

Thank you notes were sent out to Volker Grady of Nanaimo Subaru, Shirley, and all the volunteers and participants.

John and I have completed and submitted the grant follow up questionnaire.



‘Update on name tags and Club t-shirts

Lee’: 23 name tags and 82 shirts were sold, terrific response.

Thank you Lee and lovely wife Brenda for all your efforts in making this such a success.

‘Indoor Club play at OW Fall/Winter session (September/16 to March/17)’

Tuesday 12:30 – 2:30 (1 gym)

Saturday 3 – 5 (2 gyms)

Sunday 3:15 – 4:45 (1 gym)

**Wednesday evening not available

(The Executive will decide which levels play on the above days)

‘OW Beginners clinics’:

September, November, December 2016, January & March 2017

Kathy Smith volunteered tol organize these clinics if available.

‘Membership’: Nadeen, 1 new member

‘Ratings and Competitive play committee’: Dave, Pat, and Nadeen will rate our members.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm

Next meeting Wednesday August 24, 2016 at 4:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Backman



NPC Executive meeting – Wednesday June 15, 2016

Call to order 4:30 pm
Present: Dave, Sandra, Nadeen, Joanne, Pat, John, Brenda, Lee
Regrets: Phil, Dave P

‘Treasurer’s report’: no report, Phil away.  Dave gave OW a cheque in the amount of $1,575.00 for one month of gym rental (4 sessions per week ).  He also purchased 60 pickleballs and paid the invoice for website updates.

‘2016 Tournament report’: Joanne has borrowed a PA system for the event.
-registration is full with 18 on the wait list

-Women’s doubles..21 teams
-Men’s doubles..24 teams
-Mixed doubles..31 teams
-Men’s singles..12
-Women’s singles..4 or 5

Tournament  Sponsor – Nanaimo Subaru (Paul Blinch)…$100 to NPC and $400 in prizes (which include T-shirts, hats, water bottles, flashlights, 1st aid kits, etc)
*prizes will be handed out after each category is finished

Shirley G. is in charge of food along with her own group of volunteers.
Nadeen will do the court signs (numbering)

‘Name tags and T-shirts’: report from Lee

Name tags – magnetic tags, 1″ x 3″, company-Cutting Edge in Parksville, they charge a one time set up fee of $15, we will charge $7/tag, Dave will email our members first regarding interest before ordering any.

T-shirts – company-RipTide Graphics in Errington, set up fee of $20 for our logo
Two types of fabrics..standard dry wick (we will charge $12) and heather look (we will charge $13)

Nadeen will take orders for these items on Tournament weekend, deadline for ordering will be July 23/16.

‘Outdoor play at Beban’: Nadeen has the times posted on our website, there is also a sign up at Beban with the times

‘Liaison committee’ to meet with OW re: drop in rules.  We nominated Dave P to be chair of this committee.

‘Training update’: next Beginner clinic is June 18 with 13 students signed up.  Members clinics…one left, the date has not yet been determined.

Report from Nadeen: our website has been updated, new calendar, etc.  Dave recommended having a rotating photo on the front page.  Membership is around 118.  XporeSports…we will decline as we aren’t able to find anyone to do it and we don’t have the equipment anymore.

Club play times – in September, if we get the days that we have requested we would like to assign them accordingly:
Tuesday…intermediate and advanced
Wednesday…advanced only
Saturday…beginner to advanced
Sunday…beginner to advanced
We will also try to set up a rating (skill level) committee

Meeting adjourned at 5:45 pm

Next meeting Wednesday July 20, 2016 at 4:30 pm OW

Sent from Sandra’s iPad

NPC Executive meeting – Wednesday May 25, 2016

Call to order 4:30 pm

Present: Dave, Brenda, Joanne, Phil, Nadeen, John, Lee, Pat, Sandra

Dave welcomed the new executive.

Treasurer’s report:

– Bank Balance of approximately $8,000 when Beginner’s clinic fees and Tournament registrations are included.

– Invoiced OW May 24th for our 40% share of Beginner’s Clinics $276

– We have 4 authorized signatures still on Executive so I propose no need to complete new one’s.

Membership: Nadeen reported 115 paid members and 21 members have yet to renew.

Club play: summer to continue with Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

August 27 – Mexican Madness Tournament

Fall/Winter Session: (September to December 2016) – Dave will request that we keep Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday times.  If we get those days, then he will poll the membership re: splitting the gym on Wednesday and Sunday with half advanced  players and half open to all levels.

Punch cards: discussed how to “streamline” our payments, decided to implement punch cards in September.  This would be for “spares” play only, they could be purchased on our website in $25 or $50 amounts, and the session coordinator would give them to the paid up member.

Name tags and club shirts: Lee will investigate further and make a presentation at our next executive meeting.

Communicating outdoor play times at Beban: Nadeen has this information posted on our website calendar.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 9 am to noon, Tuesday and Thursday 5 pm till dark.  She will send an email to remind all members.

Liaison committee to meet with OW re: drop in rules and procedures.  We nominated Vaughn and Dave P.  Phil volunteered himself.

June Tournament update: ladies doubles – 16 teams, men’s doubles – 22 teams, and mixed doubles – 28 teams.  Decided that there would be no refunds after June 1, this will be posted on the website.

Training update:

  • Phil has been the coordinator with Nancy Stern teaching the classes. There has been a good response to these classes by our members.  In the fall, Lee has agreed to help coordinate the “skills and drills” sessions, we just need to get a trainer on board.
  • We need more Member’s to volunteer for the beginner’s clinics.

Next Executive meeting: Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 4:30 pm

Meeting adjourned at 5:45 pm


Annual General Meeting, May 14, 2016 with 30 in attendance.

President Brenda Stewart called the meeting to order at 1 P.M. and noted we have a quorum.

The agenda was accepted with the inclusion of several new topics.

Karen read the minutes of the last AGM and moved her report be accepted, seconded by Werner.  Carried.

President’s Report: 

Our membership has increased slightly with many new members and a few leaving.  We have about 127 members (The membership renewal is due for everyone by May – if you have not yet paid, please see one of the Executives after the meeting to renew at $10).

The Club hosted two tournaments this past year: Mexican Madness in September (thanks to Ron and Dee Pitcher and their motley crew) and a Regional Tournament in May.  We had a new position of tournament director on the board of the pickle ball executive which John agreed to fulfil. He and Joanne have been working hard and will make a separate report.

Club play is alive and well in Nanaimo.  For the first half of the year it took place on Saturday and Tuesday afternoons.  Saturday was always well, if not over, subscribed and players came off the courts very well exercised.  Thanks to Nadeen for Saturday and Pat for Tuesday. For three months, on the first Saturday of each month, we had 2 courts dedicated to skills and drills – thanks to Ernie, Clive, Dave, Peter O and other volunteers for teaching. Many of our members took advantage of this and some had to be turned away.

We now have Wednesday evenings back until the summer which Dave has agreed to organise with Sandra filling in. Our newest addition to the playing schedule is the Sunday afternoon session for 3.5 and above. It started well with a full complement of 20 both days.  Thanks to Phil for organizing and Pat for helping.

We are proud that we can offer our members such a variety of times and levels of social play.

The practice of running a free drop in the day following a stat holiday was discontinued because there is club play on Tuesdays and it would not be fair to the paid up members.

The club hosted a Christmas social before play on Dec 19th. Thanks to Karen, Debby & Phil for organizing.

Training clinics have been on going throughout the year: 6 – 2-hr beginner clinics and two – six week skills and drills. These clinics have all been full. Thanks here go to Vaughan Allin, Nancy Stern, Phil Morgan, John Savoy, Ernie Jerome, Dee Pitcher, Nadeen Bettney and all the “helpers” at these clinics.

The club was asked to provide a teacher for Xplorsports, a kids summer camp, and Alex and Shirley Gendron  ably fulfilled this request.  Thanks Alex and Shirley for getting the younger generation interested in our sport.

The position of skills and training on the executive has been revived and Phil has stepped up to the plate – or should I say the no volley zone? – and has already set in motion dates (and 2 sessions have taken place) for skill training which Nancy Stern has agreed to teach.  Many thanks to both as this will enable our club members to become better players and, for those who want, to progress to the higher skill ratings.  To this end we have offers of a rating process to members who would like to be rated.

Last year input from the club prevailed on council through a recommendation from the parks and rec commission to include dedicated pickleball courts at Beban Park.  These were completed in April 2015 and were extremely well used over the summer and fall. We made another presentation to the Parks commission in November and Dave has continuously followed this up.  He will be giving a separate report.

Our club depends on volunteers to make it work smoothly and we have seen different faces helping at all our events but need even more support so that we do not burn out the ones that are always there at the ready.  If you have not yet helped out in any way please ask any member of the new executive how you can offer your time.

We are looking ahead to another full and successful year.

Respectfully submitted

Brenda Stewart

  • moved by Dave and seconded by Ric, president’s report be accepted.

Treasurer’s Report:

Nanaimo Pickleball Club

Statement of Income & Expenses for the year ended April 30, 2016

Members: 135


Membership Dues:                                         $1,090

Club Play:                                                        $12,810

50% Share Clinics:                                          $1,442

Other:                                                                   $500

Tournament Fees:

50% share – July Tournament                    $2,340

40% share – Mexican Madness                    $768

Total Revenue$18,950


Oliver Woods rental:                                    $12,775

Tournament Expenses:

July Tournament                                          $1,802

Mexican Madness                                          $350

2016 Tournament                                       $2,531

Pickleball Canada dues:                               $440

Insurance:                                                       $235

Pickleball nets:                                             -$480

Meetings, socials:                                          $202

Pickleball, supplies:                                      $178

Website:                                                          $166

Bank Charges:                                                 $72

Total Expenses$18,271

Net Income                                                                        $679

Further to the report, another $2,500.00 to be added to the balance showing of $5,012.00

Phil noted we have a current membership of 135.  He also commended Nadeen and Pat for their work on Club Play times.  He also commented on the Sunday Club Play and how the idea was to attract the higher rated levels (ie 3.5 and 4’s, and while it hasn’t  produced a great turn-out, we will carry on for now.

Also, since the work is somewhat onerous for Nadeen to handle the logistics and money for 4 Club Play dates, we need to be looking at putting something into place to alleviate this.  One suggestion to ponder would be punch cards.  Phil moved the acceptance of his report, seconded by Brenda.  Carried.

Report on Out-door play: 

Nadeen and I met with Parks & Recreation Director Richard Harding and Al Britton, Manager of Parks Operations.

First, the P&R Commission has been disbanded as have all City Commissions, while the Core Services Review is underway, so no major decisions on spending at this time, except for an extraordinary situation, and then only when approved by Council.  The Review is supposed to be done in May, at which time things could get back to normal.

Budgeting for city projects has been completed for this year, so our next possible time frame is next spring.  The project that we’re working towards is too big to slide into day to day operations expenses, so it has to be budgeted for and approved.

Because Diver Lake has only 11 proper parking spaces and is so popular as an off leash/trail walking/lake access park, we’re still working on Beaufort Park as a new dedicated facility.   It needs upgrading at this time anyway, so is a natural for them to choose

Multiple uses makes it easier to approve and fund projects of this nature.  The surface at Beaufort allows for 8 Pickleball courts or 7 courts and one basketball half-court area.  With this layout, the space between courts would be about 6′ on the sidelines and 9′ at each baseline.  I’ve drawn a rough sketch of a proposed layout if anyone would like to see it.

I have submitted a suggested plan for the best possible Pickleball court layout and other amenities that we would like to see including:

  1. Court re-surfacing with blue/green colours as at Beban Park with white lines
  2. Adjustable outdoor nets and posts
  3. Signage on the outside of the fence as well as at the corner of Chelsea St. and Waddington St. directing players to the courts
  4. A port-a-potty or permanent washroom facility.
  5. Trash can, more benches,
  6. 4′ height chain link type fencing separating each court from another for safety and maximum enjoyment of the sport
  7. Wind dampening screening material on 3 sides (not on the side facing the parking area).

As for funding, it was suggested that we could help with the cost in some way.  We did indicate that we would love to see dividing fencing, which may be something we could pay for.  There really isn’t a place for our “sweat equity” in the form of volunteer work parties, so it’s more financial and advisory that we can help with.  I would suggest that we form a small committee to work on ideas to fundraise, possibly in the form of sponsorships.  A developer who is planning some projects in that neighbourhood will likely be required to contribute financially to Beaufort Park upgrades.

So, although we won’t see more outdoor courts this year, they’re fairly confident that we should in 2017.  In the meantime, it looks quite likely that the Beban Park courts will remain, even as the tennis courts there are re-surfaced this summer.

Dave Eaton

Vice President/City of Nanaimo Liaison

Dave moved and Phil seconded the acceptance of his report.  Carried.

New Business:

Motion to approve the By-laws as circulated.  Carried.

Vaughan has proposed an amendment to the by-laws .

Moved by Vaughan and seconded by Russ that we approve the changes.  Carried.

Also, it was noted that the By-laws should be posted on our web site.

Tournament Report: 

John reported on the status of our up-coming tournament  June 25 & 26th.  Registration has now opened and our on-line registration is working.  74 registered to date.  The ideal set-up would be 24 women, 24 men, and 32 mixed.  90% of registrants so far are from out of town.  Money is collected by Pay Pal.  Insurance has been procured.  Registration cut-off date is June 17th.  Cost is $30.00 plus $5.oo for each event.

Brenda reminded the members of the 55+ Senior Games in Coquitlam on September 20-24th.  Pickleball will be Wed. to Friday. Deadline for registration: July 2nd.  If interested, contact Nancy Stern.

AED Device: 

There is an AED on the right hand side of the kitchen and it has instructions right there.  But, for any incidence that is beyond our means to deal with, call 911.

Name Tags: 

Dave suggested, after some discussion, that this be tabled for the new executive to deal with.

Other Business: 

Dave has prepared a survey re our club and where we should be heading:  please take the time to respond.

Vaughan would like to see a steering committee formed to liaison with Oliver Woods (re in-door) and Recreation Department (re out-door).  Specifically: drop-in policies.  Tabled for new exec.

Possibly lobbying for more courts:  Dave addressed this and since things are in hand now he felt that if

individuals wanted to, they should maybe contact  council members.

Communicating for out-door play: it was suggested that it could be done via our Facebook page or by e-mail.


President:  Dave Eaton,

Vice president:  Joanne Oehlenschlager,

Treasurer:  Phill Morgan,

Secretary:  Sandra Backman

Past President: Brenda Stewart

Directors at-Large:  Pat Thomson, Nadeen Bettney, Dave Parsons, and Lee MacDonald.

Dave asked for a round of applause for Brenda’s work as president and presented a flower container and a jar of “pickles” to Karen for her service of a number of years.

Brenda declared the meeting adjourned at 2:44.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Peniuk


Executive Meeting April 7, 2016

Present:  Brenda, Karen, Joanne, Phil, John, Nadeen, Sandy, Dave, Pat, Vaughn (and Jo as guest)
President Brenda called the meeting to order at 10 A.M.
Minutes of the Jan.12 meeting accepted as circulated.
Minutes of the March 14 meeting accepted as circulated.
– Matters arising from the minutes – ice packs have now been purchased and are available on site.

Membership Report:  Nadeen reported membership has slowed down ( 4 in the past 3 months).  Dave said 2 had signed up on Wed. night.  Numbers are now 125.  Approximately 60% are under 3.5 as we have been losing a number of the more advanced players to Ladysmith as there is more availability for advanced play there.

Treasurer’s Report:  Phil reported a bank balance of $8200. but we owe 4500. to Oliver Woods as we must pay 3 months in advance.  As of the upcoming AGM, membership renewal goes up from $5 to $10.  per year.

AGM:  To be held Saturday, May 14  from 1-3 P.M.  There will be an application to change the by-laws and this will be mailed to members in the next few days.  Also, the agenda will be sent out as well as a call for new directors.  We will need someone to run the election – Vaughan excepted.

– Brenda will send out to the executive a proposed agenda which shall include a notification that membership renewals are due by then.
– She will also put the purchase of name tags out to the membership for their input.
– Minutes of last AGM will be read also.
– Dave to do a report on the status of outdoor courts.
– Nadeen’s mail-out to include a call for people willing to serve on the executive and directors.

– Karen to purchase coffee and goodies for the AGM.

Tournament report:  John has lined up Cognito for on-line registration. at a cost of $25./month. If we use PayPal they charge a percentage fee.  Phil will look into the possibility of using Interac.  At the present time we cannot run this through our website but maybe we will be able to set it up for our webpage in the future. Registration opens May 1st.  Payment probably through PayPal or cheques. Nadeen will put the info on our website and Dave will get it on Facebook.  Registration cost is $30. plus $5. for each event Guest lunches will cost $5. each.  Ratings 3-5.  When  registration opens, we will need volunteers to help with that.  Shirley will look after food.

Club Play:  Re Dee’s letter.  A proposal to keep one gym for  Intermediate and Advanced players and the other gym for recreational play.  At present Nadeen tries to do this as much as
possible in setting up her schedule but it is not easy when their is an imbalance.  Nadeen will send out a notice re this and as of the 16th we will try to do this and see how it works.  On Sundays the courts are for 3.5 and above. On Tuesdays Pat is averaging 18 players.  Saturday Nadeen has 35 to 40 people and Wednesdays Dave with 14  members.

Clinics:  Phil will co-ordinate clinics / training.

Next meeting will be the AGM (unless another is needed beforehand).

Meeting adjourned 11:35 A.M.
Respectfully submitted, Karen Peniuk Secretary

Executive Meeting: March 12, 2016 at 2:00 pm.
Present – Phil, Nadeen, Sandra, Pat, Vaughn, JoanneCLUB PLAY
Phil wanted to discuss how we should organize our extra club time on Wednesday and Sunday (starting in April) before sending out an email to the membership.Wednesday – 6 to 8 pm (all levels), 1 gym
Saturday – 3 to 5 pm (all levels), 2 gyms
Sunday – 3 to 5 pm (levels 3.5 and above – intermediate to advanced), 1 gym
*Note: Tuesday club play (1:15 to 3:15) will continue until the end of June.INJURY PROTOCOL
When a member is injured during club play, we must call 911 and let the paramedics decide on the seriousness of the injury.
NP club will purchase ice packs to be kept with the pickleballs.Meeting adjourned at 2:40 pm
Next meeting Thursday April 7, 2016 at 10:00 am
Executive Meeting: January 14, 2016, 10:30 am
Present – Brenda, Pat, Sandra, Phil, Vaughn, Joanne as a guest for tournament report.
Minutes accepted from November 19, 2015 meeting.
Membership report – Are new members being listed on our website? If not, ask Nadeen to update. (Nadeen updates weekly but since meeting she reviewed website and updated any missing members)
Treasurer’s report – OW still owes us a cheque from one of the Beginner clinics.
Balance at January 4, 2016……….$7,094.00
Balance at January 14, 2016 ……..will be about $6,000.00 after current bills are paid.
Christmas social – decided to change the date to a Monday or Thursday (drop-in days) to include non-club members.
Parks and Recreation presentation re: more outdoor courts – Brenda will email Dave regarding any update.
Club play – turn out for Tuesday and Saturday is covering the court rental cost ($43.76 per gym per hour).
-Brenda will apply to OW to continue Tuesday and Saturday play from March to September 2016. She will also ask for evening time on a Monday or a Wednesday, and Sunday afternoon.
-Phil has offered to help Nadeen with organizing Saturday club play. He would also like us to have designated courts for advanced players during club time.
Instructors for clinics- OW has suggested 3 beginner clinics and 1 Skills and Drills clinic to start in April. Brenda will ask our members (instructors) once they have returned from their southern vacations.
Tournament update – a $500.00 grant has been approved for our June tournament. There will be a link from our website to the tournament website for Registration.
Other business – Pat has requested that Nadeen change Tuesday club play to start at 1:15.
Meeting adjourned at 11:18 am
Next meeting Thursday April 7, 2016 at 10:00 am
Executive Meeting: Nov.19, 2015 10:30 A.M.Present: Brenda, Pat, Vaughan, Sandra, Dave, Karen, Phil
Brenda called the meeting to order at 10.30
Minutes of the last meeting accepted as circulated.
Treasurer’s report: A cheque has now been received from Parks & Rec re Mexican Madness for $768.00.
We will have money coming re Beginners’ Clinic – yet to be invoiced.
OW will be given a cheque for $1050.00 for gym rental for December.
Current bank balance $7626.40Beginners’ clinic Nov 28 has been cancelled.
Beginners’ clinic in Dec?  (This was later checked and there are no beginner clinics until March).
Membership: current membership 112. (new members need to be registered with Pickleball Canada through Phil)Club play: Tuesdays are booked for one gym through March 2016.
Saturdays are booked for two gyms through March.
Pat reported good turnouts and on Tuesday, nobody has yet had to be turned away.
(Oliver Woods Sunday drop in only goes to the end of December).Tournament: Dave has talked to Kathy about sending out an e-mail re the tournament for people to mark their calendars but let it be known , no registrations accepted as yet. Our club will be handling registrations this time.
Tournament dates: Jun 25 & 26.  (This has now been done)
Dave has been checking into insurance coverage re the tournament. For $150.00 we can get $2 Million in insurance. Application to be made closer to the date.Noise: The problem has been with the first shift on Mondays, Vaughan noted noise was not bad this past Monday, so perhaps the problem has been rectified.Christmas Social: Dec.19th 1-3 P.M. Brenda has rented the room and Karen will be in charge of coffee, Tim-bits/cookies.Parks & Rec Presentation: Dave has sent out a revised presentation. Seems at this time that P&R may be favoring Departure Bay for pickleball courts Brenda will begin our presentation by giving a brief talk and Dave will make the actual presentation. Power Point to be playing in the background. (Dave’s presentation will be kept with these minutes).  (Presentation completed and went well)Next executive meeting to be held on Jan.14, 2016 at 10:30 A.M.
Meeting adjourned 11:20 A.M.
Executive Meeting Oct.17, 2015
Present: Brenda, Dave, Pat, Nadeen, Sandra, Karen
Brenda called the meeting to order at 1:30 PM
Previous minutes adopted as read.
Agenda adopted.
1.  Brenda is working on comparing the cost of our play, tournaments, etc. with the cost for other communities.
2.  Pat reported on her checking into name tags. Magnetic ones are $7.00.
3.  Nadeen reported on the Beginners Clinics and said they were excellent. 16 is the “right” number of participants. One more is scheduled for October and two in November on the 7th and 28th.
4.  Treasurer’s Report: current balance is $7,696.00 and we are waiting on an an invoice from Parks and Rec for $960 but we owe OW for October gym rental.Membership: 4 new members this month and 2 more coming today. Total membership approx. 106. (the web-site is up-to-date for membership list).
5.  Club Play up-date:
– Tues. was full, both pre-paid and drop-in.
– Wed. club play is over at the end of this month and OW have added Sunday mornings 9:00 to 10:30. For NPC drop-in Tuesdays run through til March 2016.
– Saturday’s are busy but people seem to enjoy the varied play with round robins and mixed rotational play.
6.  Skill’s Clinics: will carry on through the winter, the first Saturday of every month. These will be done (probably) on 2 courts for one hour and for the second hour, putting the lessons into practice.
7.  Tournament: John and Joanne are working on the registration process with Ken Holman. Nadeen offered to make up a front page on our web-site so people will know the details etc., but registration won’t open until 2 months before the event. Also, we will be responsible for Insurance. Dave has talked to PBC and gotten some details, now waiting for a $ quote. Kudos to Dave for all his work re this.
8.  Parks & Rec: Dave has the “request to appear” re their meeting on Nov.25th. Many of us will be there to thank them for their support and let them know that more outdoor facilities are needed. It was suggested that we as a club, should consider using some of our money to put into a park development for pickleball. (Partners in Parks program – no motion made re this as yet).
9.  By-Laws: It should be put into the by-laws that a past-president be on the board ( if available). Re membership cost as stated in by-laws, change $25 to $15 if joining occurs between January – April 30th.
10.  Social: There will be a Christmas social again this year on Sat. Dec. 19th 1- 3 PM (before club play) Karen responsible for coffee and muffins/cookies and Brenda will rent a downstairs room.
Next exec. meeting to be held on Nov.19th 10AM (Thursday).
Meeting adjourned at 2:25PM
Respectfully submitted,
Karen Peniuk


Nanaimo Pickleball Association Executive Meeting at OW on Sept 19, 2015

1.) Call to order:  2.00 p.m.

present – Brenda, Dave, Nadeen, Pat, Joanne, Vaughan

 2.)   Minutes from last meeting: Dave moved, Pat seconded that the minutes be accepted  Carried.

notes arising …

        a. Tournament next June will be two days instead of three with the singles competing on Sunday instead of Friday night

        b.Gym rental will be from 7:30-5:30 on Saturday and Sunday

        c.Parks and Rec have decided to forego the partnership idea, so the club will operate independently including advertising, registration, funding, expenses and operations.

       d.The club is on record supporting Surrey Pickleball efforts.

3.)There is no official report on Mexican Madness which was operated on a 40/60 split basis with Parks and Rec. Preliminary indications are $200 was made. The club bank balance is between $4000 and $ 5000 . Phil is back in Oct. There is an outstanding invoice to Parks and Rec to be paid for Mexican Madness in the sum of $2, 285. We anticipate a return of the damage deposit which was $250.

Discussion about amounts we (and other groups) are being charged, and executive and members are invited to enquire into what other community bodies charge.  An overall benefit to the community for holding tournaments here was noted.

4.)Membership is fairly static at around 104 members. It was decided to retain the initial membership at $25 regardless of when application for membership was made. Next year the renewal fee is $10 and will possibly include a magnetic name tag, popularized by places like Parksville.

The bylaws need a review and overhaul so that they can be published on our website once approved. Vaughan will chair this committee and call on members to volunteer. Three chair nominees to date are: Alex Gendron, Phil Morgan, and Dave Eaton.

5.)Club play on Tuesday and Wednesday are being monitored to see if the cost of the rental can be carried by the $5 drop in fee. The charge is approximately $86 for two hours taxes in. We need 17 players each time to keep the existing times. Tuesdays have been slow so far, but it’s early in the season. Wednesday has been just short of break even. If the club use doesn’t cover the expense then the times will be dropped probably at the end of Oct.

            The club will buy more indoor balls from Alex. Since bags are kept by the individuals in charge of club play we’ll order 4 dozen . The following are in charge of club play: Tuesday – Pat; Wednesday – Dave; Saturday – Nadeen.

6.) Name tags are used by clubs like Parksville at a cost of about $3 per unit. Pat will make inquires of Parksville about sourcing. It’s thought more discussion should be held at our AGM with the suggestion that the cost be included in the membership fee.

7.)There is an introductory class lead by Nancy on Saturday Sept 26, 2015 at 12:30-2:30; since there’s waiting list of 12 already another class will be arranged with Parks and Rec for Saturday October 17th – Dee will lead.

8.) Tournament update is covered in part above in paragraph #2; the matter of sound amplification is under investigation. Possibly a system can be rented to save costs. We will also rent the Monarch room for registration, and the upstairs Salal room for viewing  and lunch. Ken Holman has kindly agreed to assist Joanne and John with the tournament especially with things like the website. There will be medals for winners of the gold and certificates for second and third. More meetings between the committee and Parks and Rec are contemplated to deal with things like sounds system and insurance/waivers.

9.)Dave is going to have a sit down with Richard Harding at Parks and Rec to discuss the best way for the club to ask the city to expand and upgrade the outdoor facilities.

10.) Dave reported he had responded to the Victoria club in formation with helpful information about setting up a PickleBall Club.

11.)The executive will keep in touch for the ensuing year but certain periods of physical absence are noted: Brenda – Oct2to10, Jan 28toApril 2;Dave – one week in Nov, Jan to end of March; Joanne – Oct 2to end March; Vaughan – Feb to end of March; John Oct to end Mar; Karen – Oct to not known; Phil and Debbie are back in October. So, in summary, Pat and Nadeen are the reliable ones.

12.) Meeting adjourned at 2.47 pm.

13)  Next meeting 1:30 – 3:00 pm Saturday Oct 17, 2015 at OW.  (Please put this date in your calendars now)

Executive Meeting August 19th, 2015

Brenda, Nadine, Dave, Pat, Vaughan, Sandra, Joanne, John
1.) Accepted minutes of the June 29, 2015 meeting.
2.) Decided we have plenty of business cards for distribution to potential members: see Dave
3.) Treasurer report: we have $ 6,636.99 in the bank with cheques outstanding for rent for Aug and Sept which will leave a new balance of $ 5,790.43
John will investigate with RDN to see if we can get a grant for the tournament.
Nets have been sold: three to Alex and one to Nadine for a recovery of $ 480
Nadine holds the cheque book while Phil is away.
4.) Membership report by Nadine: We have about 105 members now. The cutoff for paying dues is Aug 30. It was noted losing Wed night will not be good for working people. Parksville has about 140 members.
5.) Skills and drills: it was previously decided Parks and Rec will sponsor introductory courses and we should see this in the new PR fall catalogue. The club will sponsor training for intermediate players starting in Oct once we check with Nancy.
6.) Club play on Saturdays will be retained for Sept to April – there are 40 spaces – it is 3:00 to 5:00; the club will be polled by Dave for preferences on another day for club play.  Tuesday club play is 1:15 -3:15, Sep 8- Mar 29, 2015, and Pat will run it ($5 drop in), if there’s a ladder Dave will do it. Noted: it would be nice to accommodate working people by having a club play time that’s not during the normal work day. Nadine will send out an email re: club times to members.
7.) Fuller Lake tournament was a great success. A lot of hardware ended up in Nanaimo.
8.) Dave reports there are several options to be discussed with and decided on by the City including: Divers Lake, Beban expansion, or Beaufort Park. Member feedback favours Divers Lake. An ad hoc committee is needed to work up a presentation to the Commission in the fall.
9.) Xplorsports came off well with 24 kids being introduced to the game at Fairview community centre by Alex and Shirley who did a great job. Nets, racquets and balls supplied by Alex. Well done Alex and Shirley!
10.) Mexican Madness tournament on Sept 5 has a few spots left. Dee has drafted Joanne to help run it and Joanne has drafted Vaughan. Vaughan will investigate renting a megaphone.
11.) The Nanaimo tournament date set for Oliver Woods is June 24-26, 2016. John recommended, and the executive accepted, that this will be a non-sanctioned event to give the club more flexibility in the format. It was decided to go with a partnership arrangement with Parks and Rec like last time, the terms of the arrangement to be hammered out with Kathy Gonzales by an ad hoc committee composed of Brenda, Dave, Nadine and John. The last event was a 50/50 split with Parks and Rec.
12.) The executive will consider supporting a Surrey club application for outdoor courts once their terms of reference has been circulated.
Meeting adjourned to Sat Sept 19 at 1:30 upstairs Oliver Woods before Sat club play.


Executive Meeting June 29, 2015 8:45 A.M.

Present: Brenda, Pat, Karen, Sandra, Phil, Ernie, Nadeen
President Brenda called the meeting to order at 9 a.m.

Business cards – have more cards been ordered yet or have we already received same. As Dave is away and may have looked after this, Brenda will check on status.

Cheques from O.W. still pending; for tournament approx. $2,180, and from Skills and Drills approx. $717.

Club Skills & Drills: It was suggested to make this a part of one of Wednesday night sessions. John had made a suggestion to do these to levels. Depending on interest, we would have 2 or 3.  Also, start these in September.

Club play days: same as before, if possible (Wed. and Sat.) Brenda will check into this. As for the balls, we have been told when we rent the facilities, we supply our own balls.

Mexican Madness: Dee has this in hand. OW is ready to accept registrations.

Treasurer’s Report: Currently we have $3425.00 in the bank. Still to come, approx. $2900.00 When we find out if Nadeen has new signed up a cheque will be forwarded to Pickleball Canada. Ernie is now ready to turn over signing authority to Phil.

Summer club play: Wed and Sat will be strictly drop-in for $5.00. However, those who have already paid will be guaranteed a spot and not have to pay. Sandra suggested we have a list of the pre-paids so we do not ask them for $5.00.

Fuller Lake tournament in August is limited to Vancouver Island residents.

The fun tournament in Courtenay is only for Courtenay/Comox and Parksville members.

Sponsorships: Parksville has a number of Sponsors…perhaps we could look into a sponsor paying to put up a fence at Beban although we would have to check with the city first. Another suggestion was to obtain sponsors for our tournaments.

Nadeen mentioned a kids’ camp where 3 or 4 instructors could teach kids to play pickleball in July and August. OW will supply the paddles and we would use our nets at Uplands and Fairview. Nadeen will do both of the times and would appreciate some help if one has a free hour and a half to help out.

Fuller Lake referee training: Nadeen said it was very good and we could probably do this at any time.

Question for John: should our tournament be sanctioned? We could no doubt fit in more games for every player if it wasn’t.

What to do about membership list? If not to be used by anyone other than the executive, we would have to keep a person’s e-mail address off of the club list.

Next exec. meeting…probably in August. We will check with Dee and see when is a good time for her so we can discuss Mexican Madness.

Meeting adjourned 10AM

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Peniuk


Executive meeting was held May 20, 2015 at 10AM

Present:  Brenda, Nadeen, Vaughan, John, Ernie, Sandra, Karen, Phil and
Pat.  (Dave absent)

Brenda opened the meeting and thanked everyone for coming

Treasurer’s report:  As Ernie will be away, Phil will assume his duties
after this meeting.  Ernie will look after the signing authority
business.  He submitted the most recent financial figures and noted that
all expenses have been paid and we are just waiting for our cheque from
Oliver Woods re tournament.  It was noted that one of our bigger
expenses for the tourn. was giving out cash prizes.  It was felt that we
should just stick with certificates or medals for the winners.  As John
is our new tournament director, it shall be up to him and his committee
to decide the above.

Selling the nets:  it was decided to deal with this later as we don’t
yet know if we shall need them or not.

Business cards:  We have some on hand – should we order more?  Consensus
is : “Yes”

Next year’s AGM:  We need to book it and early May would be best.  We’ll
try for Sat. May 14th.Brenda will leave herself a note to post the date
and agenda keeping in mind the 30 day notice requirement.  We must
remember in the pre-meeting time to go over the club by-laws.

Training:  A discussion re whether it would be best for OW to do the
Introductory course and our club do the skills & drills.  It was decided
to leave things as they are and offer skills & drills to our club
members on Wed/Sat.  Phil will organize the club skills & drills.

Referee Training:  To be discussed at a later meeting after we see what
is said after the Fuller Lake session.

Club Play:  We would like to keep Tues, Wed.& Sat.  If we cannot get Wed.,
try for something else, perhaps a Sunday afternoon.  Brenda will look
into this.  Maybe Dave can check with schools as he has done some  work
on this in the past.

2016 Tourn.: Brenda did contact Parksville and learned they have 9 courts
and charge $75.00 per hour.  It was decided since we are tentatively
booked at OW for Jun.26 and if split is okay, we should stick with
OW.John will get a tournament committee together and begin dealing with
the details.  Nadeen will join Joanne on John’s committee.

Mexican Madness:  Set for Sept 12th.  Dee in charge of this.  Brenda
will contact Dee and see how things are going.

Greeters:  Nadeen and Sandra feel this concept has gone over very well.
They have made a point to join in play with beginners at the start of
drop-ins which was appreciated by those involved very much.  They would
also give out cards at this time.  It was suggested that others of our
members also join in some games with “newbies”.

Re Club Play:  Nadeen has been looking for people to take charge of some

Next exec. meeting:Mon. Jun29th 8:45 AM

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen P.


The Annual General Meeting of the Nanaimo Pickleball Club was held May 16, 2015, with 24 in attendance.

1. President Brenda Stewart called the meeting to order at 12:40 PM and thanked everyone for coming.
2. Moved by Brenda and seconded by Nancy Stern that the agenda be accepted. Carried.
3. Karen read the minutes of the last general meeting and moved they be accepted. Seconded by Phil Morgan. Carried.

4. President’s report

This year was a very good year!!

There has been a growth in membership of 37 members to 110 (not all yet paid up for the current year).

The Club hosted three tournaments this past year: Mexican Madness in September 2014 and the two Regional Tournaments one in July 2014 the other at the beginning of May 2015. There were over 100 participants at the latter and our thanks go to the organiser Nadeen Bettney ably abetted by Dave Eaton and, on the weekend itself, numbers of other volunteers. We received many thanks for a great tournament. The post tournament discussions ensure that next year’s tournament will be even better. To this end we are hoping to have a new position of tournament director on the board of the pickleball executive.

On your behalf I attended the zone 2 55+ BC Games AGM in Courtney in October (and brought home some extra oversized uniforms.)

A pickleball club bowling evening was held in October and all who attended had fun. Thanks to Debby Morgan for that.

Club play (mainly ladders) took place on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons and was always well, if not over, subscribed. Thanks again to Dave and Nadeen the main organizers, and Pete, Albert, and Nancy Barnes.

When the drop in at Oliver Woods falls on a stat holiday the club runs a drop in the following day free for all members.

Our newest addition to the playing schedule is the club drop-in on Tuesday afternoons. It has started well and we will monitor to see if it should be continued. Thanks to Pat Thomson for overseeing that.

Training clinics have been ongoing throughout the year. Four one time 2-hr beginner clinics and 3 six week skills and drills. Thanks here go to Vauhan Allin, Nancy Stern, Phil Morgan, John Savoy, Ernie Jerome and all the “helpers” at these clinics.

The club had a strong voice to council through the parks and rec commission to prevail on them to include dedicated pickleball courts at Beban Park. We made a presentation to the Parks commission in 2014 which was attended by many club members and Dave has continuously followed up. Progress can be seen with the erection of the netting and pickleball posts at Beban – not yet painted or lined.

Our club depends on volunteers to make it work smoothly and we would like to see different faces helping at all our events so that we do not burn out the ones that are always there at the ready

We are looking ahead to another full and successful year.

Respectfully submitted

Brenda Stewart

Nancy commented that the executive has done an excellent job this year with what has been accomplished and with what is currently “on the burner”.
Moved by Piet and seconded by Harvey the acceptance of Brenda’s report. Carried.

5. Treasurer’s report

Ernie Jerome commented on the dues structure and noted that we have hosted 3 tournaments in the past fiscal year (Jul 2, 2014 and Mexican Madness Sept 14 2014 and our recent one of May 2, 2015).
Oliver Woods charges us $42.00 per hour for each gym.
Our ending balance is at $4332.60
Our dues will remain at $5.00 for renewals over the coming fiscal year.
There was a question re monies lost re Wednesday and Saturday club play and it was noted that over-all and for the times rented, the numbers didn’t support the cost of rental.
Some discussion re OW split re tournament. Our current set-up is 50/50.
Ernie moved and Dave seconded the adoption of Treasurer’s report. Carried.
Ernie moved and John seconded that we change the amount of renewal dues to $10.00 beginning April 30, 2016.
Dave spoke to that noting that we need to anticipate that other costs may come up esp. in regard to our need for more places to play,etc and we need to have funds available. Motion carried.

6. Vice President’s report:

The past 12 months have been extremely busy for all of us on the Executive Committee and as Brenda’s report described, lots was accomplished.

One of the projects that I took on this year was to try to expand the number of places to play in Nanaimo. As I reported during the year, I checked into over a dozen options, none of which were acceptable for a number of reasons. Finally, Nadeen and I made contact with Richard Harding at Parks & Rec and over the next several months we managed to get some improvement in the situation.

In the next few days, weather permitting, Beban Park will have 2 dedicated courts operating. I urge you to make full use of this one-year trial program so that we can make good on our promise to the City that “if they build it, we will come”

In addition, I have been in discussion with them regarding the existing Diver Lake tennis courts. Once they complete their usage survey there, and if the numbers of current tennis players are low enough, they may consider converting both courts to 6 dedicated pickleball courts. There are many advantages to this including: our ability to schedule and run tournaments and round robins there, a porta potty already on site and a practice wall already there.

Lastly, we have been working with City staff on Beban Park and it’s future. I will be making a 10 minute presentation to City Council on May 25th to help educate them on the importance of our sport for our city and to urge them to move ahead with a possible indoor facility at Beban Park that would help take some of the pressure off of Oliver Woods.

While these last two options are only in the discussion stages, we need to continue to lobby for more access to our sport as it grows.

The other topic I’d like to talk about is volunteering for our club. As with most organizations like ours, a “very few” do all of the work for a large majority. Burnout is a very real concern at this point, especially after the tournament this month. Our goal as an executive committee is to add people to our numbers, either as Director at Large, as Co-ordinators, as Court Captains or as Committee chairs, so that more help is available when we need it and to take the pressure off of the “very few”.  Another consideration is snowbirds. It’s expected that of the current 6 directors, 5 will be away for at least 2 months next winter – how do we offer programs and manage the club with this situation. PLEASE consider letting your name stand today so that we can continue to offer programs to members and be able to welcome new members as we’ve been doing for the last few years.

Dave noted our tournament for next year has been tentatively booked for June 24-26, 2016.

Dave Eaton, Vice President

Debbie suggested that we have committees to take the load off the executive.
John asked about the usage of the courts at Beban Park and Dave noted that it is Parks & Rec that wants to see the numbers as if they are not well-used they may revert back to tennis courts.
Nadeen commented on a loss of courts at OW over the summer months, so the outdoor courts should be well-used. A lot of discussion ensued re outdoor courts and even the possibility of our laying out some money for some, i.e. Divers Lake
Dave moved and Debbie seconded the adoption of his report. Carried.

7. New Business:
a) Club play will carry on through the summer. We need co-ordinators for this. Nadeen noted that some clubs have the participants be responsible at least one time through the season.
Discussion re ladders/ no ladders.
b) Clinics: We have had several clinics and skills and drills over the past year. Nancy suggested we have OW offer the Introductory courses and our club do the skills and drills. Re the above, we need one person to be in charge of this (and not necessarily be teaching it).
A general discussion followed re the May tournament.
c) Website: Today’s minutes and discussions will be put on our website: nanaimopickleball.com by Nadeen.
d) Ratings Clinic: Some people are still unsure of their rating. Dave commented on how he figures out the ratings. John feels it is time for another rating clinic. Nancy mentioned another way to do ratings. Ratings would be another great topic for our”new” director(s).
Because so many of the executive are snowbirds, Dave suggested we simplify what we offer as a club between November and April.
Phil commented that of the intentions of the executive at the last AGM and what has been accomplished – it has been an excellent job.

8. Elections:

Debbie moved and Peter seconded that we add 3 more directors-at-large. Dave spoke to that and what would be required of them. Carried.
Vaughan moved and Dave seconded that one of these new directors be “Tournament Director”. Carried.

Election results: President. Brenda, Vice-President. Dave, Secretary, Karen, Treasurer Phil (with assist. from Ernie),
Directors-at-large: Nadeen, Pat, Sandra, Vaughan and Tournament. Director, John (with assistance from Joanne).

Brenda thanked everyone for coming and for their participation.
Nancy moved and Debbie seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Carried.
Respectfully submitted,

Karen Peniuk


Executive Meeting, May 7, 2015
Present: Brenda, Dave, Ernie, Karen, Clive, Nadeen (and Tournament volunteers: Joanne, Peter, Vic, Kathy)

The meeting began with an overview of our tournament. A more complete postmortem available for next year’s Tournament Director.

The up-sides were:

– Nancy’s work on the refereeing organization was excellent, as were her helpers especially Joanne and Vaughan on the ON Deck coordination.

– Registration and scoring room – an excellent job also by Sandra, John, Vic and Joe. The number system for teams worked great.

– Food service with Shirley and team was exceptional as per usual.

– many found the waiting time between matches was too long.

– Some would like a better play-off system.

– A few too many game interruptions.

– Registration thru O.W. was “painful”.

– A lack of support for Women’s Singles.

– Other discussion re billetting and finding and  matching partners.

Discussion re above points:

– Reffing worked quite well, but not everyone was comfortable doing it. We should have a referee clinic. Fortunately we had some volunteers who were not assigned help out with the reffing.

– Re waiting time, perhaps we should be staggering the times ie. certain groups start and after they are done, the next group starts,  etc. Also, perhaps one group could be on Friday night.

– Maybe we should have an “Open” category to address the lack of upper-rated competitors. Or, have 4.5 play with 5 but each would medal in their own category. This way, there can be “round robins”.

– Play-off system:  For time constraints whatever system was initially in place could be changed if necessary. May want to limit the number of competitors to  1oo per day.

– Game interruptions: Not really a big problem, but we could check on the possibility of using the back doors as well for exiting.

– We could offer billeting again on a limited basis and to be dealt with between the parties involved and not the committee.

We are tentatively booked for next year’s tournament on June 26th weekend.
May 22 Volunteers’ night. Free pickleball and juice and cookies for the volunteers. (Brenda will do juice and cookies).

Exec. discussions: Brenda away May 25 to Jun.23. Ernie away May 21 to Jun.15
Beginners Clinic: May 23rd. Clive will run this.
Re window coverings: we will say we support the idea in principal and let OW know half of the members responding to Dave’s e-mail indicated it can indeed be a problem.

At the AGM, let it be known (or resolved) that the annual PB  Club dues will go up for 2016. Dues for 2015 are due now and can be collected at the AGM or between now and then.
Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,



Executive Meeting March 7, 2015

Present: Nadeen Bettney, Dave Eaton, Clive Jones, Brenda Stewart

1. Call to order 1.03 p.m.

2. Rating Clinic: 4 raters are Vauhan, Pat, Dee and Ronnie.
Raters will have a score sheet of techniques to rate.
Brenda (Clive if B not there) to host and collect and return rating sheets to Dave who will tabulate and inform players of their rating.

3. Beginner Clinic March 14
Vauhan leading and Julie, Clive and Pat to help.
Attempt to find a microphone. A storage locker would be useful!!
Court etiquette, safety, ball in court and procedure at end of game need
to be covered.

4. Drop-in Court Labels.
Brenda to ask Kathy if OW can remove all labels for the month of March and then re-label only on Thursday when both courts start at the same time in April.
There should also be an email to club members asking them to respect the rights of OW drop-in players to play on any court.

5. Tournament May 1,2,3
Nadeen and Dave co-directors with Nadeen in charge.
Games to go to 15 points and must win by one point.
We need referees for the score and NVZ for each game so anyone not playing may be asked to do this.
Volunteers so far: Shirley in charge of the food, Nadeen, John McArthur, Sandra Backman, Vic Brice, Vaughan full time. Clive, Brenda Stewart, Dee Pitcher, Albert, Gem, Nancy, Ric, when not playing.

5. Money. Collection of money for drop-in and new season going well.

6. Adjournment: 3 p.m.

Brenda Stewart


Executive Meeting. Nov.6, 2014 2 pm
Present: Brenda, Dave, Clive, Nadeen, Karen (a continuation of our Monday meeting)

1. Rutherford Courts:
The school board let us out of our contract re Rutherford School gym.

2. Rating Clinics:
It is felt that if Oliver Woods supplies the courts, we will provide the raters for a ratings clinic. Ideally, this would be on a day apart from our Drop-ins or Wed/ Sat play.

3. Drop-in sessions:
We will suggest to OW that we allot the courts as follows: unrated-2.5 2.5-3.25 3.25-3.75 and 3.75 and up.

4. Committees:
Need members to volunteer for the following committees: Training , Sat. Play, Wed. play, Social, Tournament, Parks & Rec liason, Parks & Rec/drop-in/host/membership, Website/facebook/publicity.

5. Wed & Sat. play:
Sign-up can begin now for the winter sessions. $60 for 3 months on Wed or $60 for 3 months on Sat; $40 for any 2 months Wed or $40 for 2 months Sat. (ie for both Wed & Sat days, double the amount). Brenda will send a letter to Parks & Rec Comm.

6. Christmas Party Dates of Dec 7 or 14 suggested.

Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Karen Peniuk


Executive Meeting Nov. 3, 2014 8:45 AM
Present: Brenda, Dave, Nadeen, Clive, Karen

Presentation at Parks & Rec Meeting:
The meeting went well and a number of Pickleball members were there to support us. We have been informed that in the Spring a tennis court at Beban Park will be allocated for us on a “trial basis’. There will be 2 dedicated courts with nets and painted lines.

Wednesday Play:
We have been offered Oliver Woods on Wed. 6-8:30 PM. Dave moved and
Clive seconded that we take the Oliver Woods courts. Carried. We will
try to cancel our contract for Rutherford School.

May Tournament:
We will need a director and be thinking of who might fill the bill.

Oliver Woods Drop-in:
Ratings were discussed and it was felt that we should first have those who wish to, self rate. Clinics and further rating will ensue after we see if OW will give us time for a clinic.

Nancy S. Addresses the Executive:
She thanked them for the accomplishments so far this year. She suggested that rather than the executive doing all the work themselves (at the risk of getting burned out) we should form committees to be responsible for certain
things. ie. training, social events, tournaments, etc. The chair of
said committees would report back to the executive.

Next mtg to be held Thurs. Nov.6th 2:30 PM
Respectfully submitted ,
Karen Peniuk


Executive meeting September 20 2014
Present: Brenda, Clive, Dave, Ernie
Regrets: Karen, Nadeen
1. Call to order 2 p.m.
2. Input to Beban re Parks Plan – Dave will send out information to members suggesting they attend one of the open houses, Wed Sept 24, 4 – 8 pm or Sat Oct 4, noon – 4 pm.
3. Cancelled gyms for drop-in. Brenda to ask for solutions at meeting with Kathy Gonzales
4. Bowling October 3rd, 6-8p.m. It was decided that the club would subsidise $0.75 towards pizza and charge $10 for 2 games, rental of shoes and 1 slice of pizza. Participants to buy own drinks. Debby will organize things at the bowling alley.
5. Other venues for Pickleball. Ernie has looked at Nanaimo Christian School on Holland Road and we could rent 3 hrs from 6.45 on Mon or Tues for $50. Ernie to check nets.
6. Tournament May 1,2,3 2014. It was decided to continue with OW doing registration for this year. There were glitches in registration and Maurice to be asked for specifics. Brenda to ask what OW needs in terms of registration. We assume the tournament would be advertized in the brochure. Rental needed from 4 – 9 pm Friday, 8 am – 6 pm Saturday and 8 am – 4/5 pm Sunday. One room Friday and Salal and Monarch Sat and Sun. 2 gyms on all 3 days. Ask for ability to put things in the kitchen on Friday night. We would be using the city equipment for the 3 days. Request that only compatible bookings be made for these 3 days (i.e. no exams). Ask if we can leave the nets up overnight.


Executive Meeting July 30, 2014
Present: Brenda, Ernie, Karen, Dave, Nadeen and Maurice

1. Saturday play will be limited to 24 players (16 paid members plus spares), first come, first served for the spares. Courts will be designated as to skill levels.

2. The website will be taken over by the executive. Many thanks to Debby for her excellent work on the site.

3. Tournament. Thanks to Maurice for all his hard work as the director of our tournament, and also thanks to all the helpers. Maurice gave Ernie $136.00 for the lunches sold to non-participants. There were 92 people signed up for the tournament.

Future Recommendations:
Re: the concerns about no rankings for the women’s doubles, Maurice explained the reason was due to a lack of numbers in that category this year.

Re: As to the cost results, so far it is looking like we may just break even but Ernie will know more after talking with the Oliver Woods people.

Re: date change for tournament: the members will be polled to get their feedback. Sanctioning the tournament definitely brought in more players, particularly in the men’s events.

Re: billeting: if we are to do this in the future, someone will need to take this on other than the ones running the tournament.

Re: getting some means of communication between the upstairs and the main floor.

Re: restaurant dinner for the Saturday night: we will look for a place to do that next year. Maurice had looked into some possibilities but to no avail. It was agreed that putting where you are from on your name tags would be a good thing.

Re: Need someone to be in charge of publicity so we could get pickleball out to the general public and hopefully garner interest and build the sport in our community.

4. We have been invited to the Oct.1st meeting of the Parks, and Rec and Culture Commission meeting. We shall have some of our members attend and petition them for facilities for pickleball, and also what would be possible for us to celebrate locally the 50th anniversary of Pickleball.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Peniuk, secretary


Pickleball Executive Meeting: July 14,2014
Present: Brenda, Dave, Ernie and Karen

1. Call to order 9 AM
2. Finances: Start of the year $6282.00. At present $5496.00 (as expected after lowering the membership dues after the first year). We will receive monies from the up-coming tournament and also Mexican Madness.
3. Mexican Madness Sept. 6. We will advertise it through Pickleball Canada and Pickleball B.C. as a fun tournament. Pres. Brenda will e-mail the membership asking for a director or 2 co-directors.
4. Club Play: Wednesday is going well. Beginning on Aug 2nd (if okay with Nadeen) we will try Saturday play as “all welcome” for 3 hours, dedicating one court to advanced players, one to newer members and the other two as needed depending on who is coming. Replies to the reminder e-mails each week need to indicate if you ARE as well as ARE NOT coming.
5. Membership: The list is on our website.
6. Tuesday Aug.5 is in lieu of the holiday Monday. Sept.2 (tentatively) in lieu of the Labour Day holiday (10:45-12:30).
7. Website: Any changes go through Debby (who was in attendance to answer our queries) also new member’s names to be given to Debby to add to the list. The meeting minutes are to go on the website for all member’s perusal, after first going to Brenda and others on the executive. Debby will then post them on the website.
8. Picnic. It was decided as so many are away from time to time through the summer months that rather than a picnic in August, Debby will look into booking 5-pin bowling event as a social gathering for members and their families probably in very early October before the snowbirds “fly”away.
9. Meeting adjourned at 9:45 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Peniuk


Executive Meeting May 3, 2014.

The Nanaimo Pickleball Club will be having its Annual General Meeting before Saturday play.  There will be an election of officers, and any new business will be dealt with at that time.  It is requested that any member who would like to put forward a motion for any changes to the Club Constitution, submit their proposals in writing, so members can be informed ahead of the Annual General Meeting.  This will allow time for members to consider the contemplated changes, and allow them to vote from a more informed position.  Any submissions should be in writing and addressed to anyone on the executive by April 2nd 2014

Please consider standing for the 2014 Executive Board.


Executive Meeting March 24, 2014 meeting.

Present were:  Sharon Davison, Lorne Strumecki, Phil and Debby Morgan, and Brenda Stewart

Reminder of Upcoming Events

The sessions for April and May Club play have been booked:

The Saturday session will be 3 hours long, and will be divided into 2 segments.  The first segment of 1.5 hours will be for recreational and beginning players, and the second segment of 1.5 hours will be for competitive and advanced players.  The final format will be defined in conjunction with input from the two groups.  It has been suggested that part of the time could be devoted to strategy and drills, and the rest of the time devoted to ladder play.   Cost of play will be $30 for nine sessions.  Members on the spare list who play – cost would be $5.  Based on the experience of demand last year, only 1 side of the gym will be booked.

The Wednesday session will be from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, and will be reserved for intermediate to advanced competitive play.  There is a maximum of 24 players.  Sessions start on April 2nd.  Cost will be $30 for 9 sessions, and players from the spare list will pay $5.   Again, only one gym has been booked.

Since there is no way to determine actual demand for playing time, this schedule may be adjusted to fit with increased demand.  Register early to insure your spot.

Tuesday April 22nd and Tuesday May 20th.  Club Members only at Oliver Woods 11:00 to 1:00 pm.  An extra opportunity to play as the previous day, Oliver Woods is closed for Stat Holidays.

April 26th, and May 24th.  Oliver Woods. An introduction to Pickleball.  12:30 to 2:30 pm.  A great opportunity for new people to discover the joys of Pickleball.  Let your friends know. May 26th to June 30th.  Oliver Woods.  Skills and Drills 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  Open to all levels of players wishing to improve their game.  Register through Oliver Woods for both of these. Phone: 250-756-5200

July 25th to 27th.  Nanaimo Pickleball Tournament.  Events will be men’s singles, ladies singles, men’s doubles, ladies doubles, and mixed doubles.  The final format has yet to be decided and will be discussed when the entire executive is available. The decision will be whether we continue as we have in the past or switch to a rated tournament. Please let us know any thoughts you may have in this regard.

September 6th.  Mexican Scramble fun tournament.