Duncan Dazzle Fun Tournament 2018

Many thanks to Dee and Ron for another successful tournament.


Mexican Madness Fun Tournament 2018

The Scorer!!









Registration with Senioritas Susan and Anna!!









A fun day of pickleball with a twist. That is what you get when you enter Nanaimo’s MEXICAN MADNESS tournament.

Of course, you do get to play pickleball and you do start the tourney with a partner…..BUT….your partner’s name (opposite gender if enough of each) is drawn out of a sombrero!!! Once you and your partner get on court, you play a rally point game to 25 points (combination of both teams….i.e. 13-12 or 22-3 or 10-15, etc. – It really works on the math skills of the team!!). Once you finish one game you switch partners and play another rally point game to 25. Points are collected individually on a scoresheet and sent to the Padre who is tabulating the scores.

This year we had some awesome Mexican guests (Emmanuel, Alexandra and Anna) who were welcomed to our area with Canada backpacks filled with some fabulous Canadian toys. We also saw an OOPs (Out of Province) team of George and Brenda from Lethbridge, Alberta. Thanks so much to all of you for traveling so far to have some Mexican Madness fun!

Congratulations to the Teams in all categories for highest & lowest points. Results are as follows:

George Strange & Diane Wilkommen – Anne Mander &Lucy Williams

Piet Komen & Emmanuel Sanchez- Alex Clarkson & Deborah Houston

Les Pearson & Elaine Levell – Doug Runchey & Angela Lorenz

Dave Eaton & Susan Hawkes – Howard & Anna Sanchez

A ……HUGE thanks to Dee & Ronnie Pitcher who organized this 7th Annual fun tourney and all their volunteers who helped them out. Check nanaimopickleballclub.org and mark your calendar for next summer so you don’t miss this fun pickleball day.


Senorita Nancy Stern


Ronnie & Dee Pitcher, the brainchild of Mexican Madness!!!









Brenda & George (OOPs-Out Of Province team) with Ronnie and Nancy









Beautiful Mexican fiesta lunch put on by Dee & sister Lorraine









Macarena warm up!!









Our Mexican visitors – Alexandra, Anna & Emmanuel – with welcome to Canada gifts.










IMG_4228 IMG_4233 IMG_4244 IMG_4248
















2018 Nanaimo Indoor Pickleball Tournament

June 23-24, 2018 @ Oliver Woods Community Centre


3.0 Ladies Doubles
Gold: Sally Morten and Elaine Levell
Silver: Barb Struch and Chris Becker
Bronze: Mary Jo Woolgar and Darshan Steven

3.5 Ladies Doubles
Gold: Evie McDonald and Elizabeth Folk
Silver: Inga Makepeace and Siena Van Brabant
Bronze: Barb Bradford and Susan Hawkes

4.0 Ladies Doubles
Gold: Pauline Davidson and Dawn Dueck
Silver: Lissy Rauber and Claudia McLean
Bronze: Jane Rich and Debbie Simpson

4.5 Ladies Doubles
Gold: Kerry Savory and Lori Murray

3.0 Mens Doubles
Gold: Alex Hornby and Peter Woolgar
Silver: Len Doumont and Owen Seeton
Silver: Robin Pedersen and Kim Brunt

3.5 Mens Doubles
Gold: Daniel Audet and Gurmail Aujla
Silver: Wayne Andrews and Richard Carton
Bronze: Andy Daniel and Lyle Kuchmak

4.0 Mens Doubles
Gold: Randy Oben and Scott Davis
Silver: Clay Toresdahl and Neil Rich
Bronze: Joe McNeill and Del Materi

4.5 Mens Doubles
Gold: Peter Brix and Joe Wong
Silver: Wayne Russell and Barrie Hill
Bronze: Ryner Wilson and Thomas Rauber

3.0 Mixed Doubles
Gold: Len Doumont and Marilyn Oldfield
Silver: James and Laurey Vasey
Bronze: Robin Pedersen and Elaine Levell

3.5 A-Division Mixed Doubles
Gold: Neil Martin and Jen Hlannon
Silver: Neil Rich and Jane Rich
Bronze: Richard Carton and Siena Van Brabant

3.5 B-Division Mixed Doubles
Gold: Mark Lucier and Barb Bradford
Silver: Tom Hunt and Lee-Ann Mitchell
Bronze: Andy Daniel and Evelyn Kaatz

4.0 A-Division Mixed Doubles
Gold: Pete Korvin and Anna Edgar
Silver: Randy Oben and Lori Murray
Bronze: Del Materi and Evie MacDonald

4.0 B-Division Mixed Doubles
Gold: Clay Toresdahl and Debby Simpson
Silver: Mauke Mauke and Marie Randall
Bronze: Ronnie Pitcher and Trudy Pitcher

4.5 Mixed Doubles
Gold: Peter and Damarais Brix
Silver: Wayne Russell and Kerry Savory
Bronze: Thomas Rauber and Bev De Haitre


2017 Mexican Madness

Fun filled day of pickleball was had by all. Gracias to Dee, Ronnie, Nancy and crew for a wonderful day.


2017 Nanaimo Indoor Pickleball Tournament – Non Sanctioned

Saturday, June 24 & Sunday, June 25




  • Gold: Vicky Strandlund – Kerry Savory
  • Silver: Pauline Davidson – Claudia McLean
  • Bronze: Jane Rich – Debbie Simpson


  • Gold: Randy Oben – Clay Elmquist
  • Silver: Thomas Rauber – Clay Thoresdahl
  • Bronze: Barrie Hill – Wayne Russell


  • Gold: Kerry Savory – Wayne Russell
  • Silver: Beverly Bennett – Bill Dumper
  • Bronze: Jane Rich – Neil Rich


  • Gold: Gem Chang-Kue – Albert Pozar
  • Silver: Kathy Thomson – Dave Kalyn
  • Bronze: Evelyn Kaatz – Vaughan Allin


  • Men: Gold: Ryner Wilson
  • Silver: Colin McCartie
  • Bronze: Wayne Russell


 Click here to see random candid pictures from the tournament.


2016 BC Games WINNERS



Nancy & Brenda – Women’s 4.5 – SILVER


John & Dan – Men’s 4.5 – BRONZE


Vince & MaryAnn (far left) – Mixed 3.5 – SILVER


Ron St. Pierre – Men’s Singles – GOLD


Frank & Karen – Mixed 3.25 – GOLD


Bev & Trudy – Women’s 3.0 – GOLD Looking great sporting out NPC t-shirts & tags

MaryAnn & Brenda-SILVER


2016 MEXICAN MADNESS Tournament

Wonderful time had by all. Competitive play and great food – especially the banana bread!!!

Thank-you to all participants and awesome volunteers.  A great big THANK-YOU to our organizers, Senor Ron and Senora’s Dee & Nancy.


2016 Nanaimo Indoor Pickleball Tournament – Non Sanctioned

The following are the results from this year’s Annual Nanaimo Pickleball Tournament.

We would like to congratulate all competitors on great pickleball play and hope to see you compete next year at our tournament.

Thank-you to our sponsor Nanaimo Subaru & all our wonderful volunteers, special thanks to John Savoy & Joanne Oehlenschlaeger – our tournament directors and Shirley Gendron – for the wonderful food including home made cookies.

Copy and paste this link to see some candid random pics – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fx0dztj5ycrxgcp/AACIKKEU_rOszwNL2EVIW5TIa?dl=0

Thank-you Richard for being our photographer.

Saturday June 25, 2016

Women’s Doubles 3.0 – GOLD – Brenda Gauthier & Leslie Black
Women’s Doubles 3.0 – SILVER – Helena Bowen & Susan Hawkes
Women’s Doubles 3.0 – BRONZE – Cheri Reid & Mira Coleman
Women’s Doubles 3.5 – GOLD – Anna Edgar & Deborah Houston
Women’s Doubles 3.5 – SILVER – Elizabeth Folk & Margie McWilliam
Women’s Doubles 3.5 – BRONZE – Jane Rich & Sandy Milliken
Women’s Doubles 4.0 – GOLD – Beverley DeHaitre & Kerry Savory
Women’s Doubles 4.0 – SILVER – Claudia McLean & Gem
Women’s Doubles 4.0 – BRONZE – Elisabeth Martin & Meng Fang

Men’s Doubles 3.5 – GOLD – Bob Stoffberg & Mark Beynon
Men’s Doubles 3.5 – SILVER – Al Thompson & Clay Elmquist
Men’s Doubles 3.5 – BRONZE – Brian Jenkins & Randy Oben
Men’s Doubles 4.0 – GOLD – Dave Cudlipp & Ron Denman
Men’s Doubles 4.0 – SILVER – Maurice Michaud & Stewart McWilliam
Men’s Doubles 4.0 – BRONZE – Jeff Doyle & Steven Rothenberg
Men’s Doubles 4.5 – GOLD – Barry Mah & Glenn Cho
Men’s Doubles 4.5 – SILVER – Andrew McKimmon & Mike Bellis
Men’s Doubles 4.5 – BRONZE -Terry Glowczynski & Wayne Russell

Sunday June 26, 2016
Mixed Doubles 3.5 – GOLD – Lizzy Rauber & Thomas Rauber
Mixed Doubles 3.5 – SILVER – Meng Fang & Paul Blinch
Mixed Doubles 3.5 – BRONZE – Deborah Houston & Kurt Nielson
Mixed Doubles 4.0 – GOLD – Margie McWilliam & Stewart McWilliam
Mixed Doubles 4.0 – SILVER – Albert  & Gem
Mixed Doubles 4.0 – BRONZE – Beverley DeHaitre & Rick Adie
Mixed Doubles 4.5+ – GOLD – Mike Bellis & Theresa Orcutt
Mixed Doubles 4.5+ – SILVER – Andrew McKimmon & Nancy Stern
Mixed Doubles 4.5+ – BRONZE – Kerry Savory & Wayne Russell

Women’s Singles 3.5 – GOLD – Linda Arnold
Women’s Singles 3.5 – SILVER -Becky Stuve
Women’s Singles 3.5 – BRONZE – Leslie Black

Men’s Singles 3.5 – GOLD – Mike Priestly
Men’s Singles 3.5 – SILVER – Thomas Rauber
Men’s Singles 3.5 – BRONZE – Darrell Pearse

Men’s Singles 4.0 – GOLD – Barry Mah
Men’s Singles 4.0  – SILVER – Wayne Russell
Men’s Singles 4.0 – BRONZE – Brian Lupul

Men’s Singles 4.5+ – GOLD – Mike Bellis
Men’s Singles 4.5+ – SILVER – Joe Wong
Men’s Singles 4.5+ – BRONZE – Glenn Cho



The following are the results from this year’s Annual Nanaimo Pickleball Tournament.  We would like to congratulate all competitors on great pickleball play.

We hope you had fun and that we will see you compete next year.

Men’s Singles 3.0 & 3.5 – GOLD – Bob Stoffberg
Men’s Singles 3.0 & 3.5 – SILVER – George Marinakis
Men’s Singles 3.0 & 3.5 – BRONZE – Scott Yang
Men’s Singles 4.0 & 4.5 – GOLD – Ryan Rostek
Men’s Singles 4.0 & 4.5 – SILVER – Mike Bellis
Men’s Singles 4.0 & 4.5 – BRONZE – Ryner Wilson
Men’s Doubles 3.5 – GOLD – Richard Andrews & Mark Lucier
Men’s Doubles 3.5 – SILVER – George Marinakis & Tom Wilson
Men’s Doubles 3.5 – BRONZE – Art Dew & Frank Cloutier
Men’s Doubles 4.0 – GOLD – David Hesje & Michael Place
Men’s Doubles 4.0 – SILVER – Ron St. Pierre & Lorne Strumecki
Men’s Doubles 4.0 – BRONZE – Dave Kalyn & Dave Metcalfe
Men’s Doubles 4.5 – GOLD – Barry Bissonnette & Jim Boris
Men’s Doubles 4.5 – SILVER – John Savoy & Ken Holman
Men’s Doubles 4.5 – BRONZE – Binu Brar & Ryan Rostek
Women’s Doubles 3.0 – GOLD – Cheryl Mottishaw & Glenda Sharpe
Women’s Doubles 3.0 – SILVER – Nancy Barnes & Caron Usher
Women’s Doubles 3.0 – BRONZE – Jeannine Bird & Nadia Shworan
Women’s Doubles 3.5 – GOLD – Colleen Crowder & Deborah Houston
Women’s Doubles 3.5 – SILVER – Virginia Augis & Trudy Pitcher
Women’s Doubles 3.5 – BRONZE -Karin McTaggart & Jean McTaggart
Women’s Doubles 4.0 – GOLD – Gwen Chew & Marilyn Moen
Women’s Doubles 4.0 – SILVER – Partner & Elizabeth Peckham
Women’s Doubles 4.0 – BRONZE – Dawn Dueck & Debby Morgan
Mixed Doubles 3.0 – GOLD – Kerry & Patrick Savory
Mixed Doubles 3.0 – SILVER – Glenda & Tom Sharpe
Mixed Doubles 3.0 – BRONZE – Chantal & Pete Grassmann
Mixed Doubles 3.5 – GOLD – Pauline Davidson & Mark Lucier
Mixed Doubles 3.5 – SILVER – David Caouette & Colleen Crowder
Mixed Doubles 3.5 – BRONZE – George Marinakis & Karen Peniuk
Mixed Doubles 4.0 – GOLD – David Metcalfe & Elizabeth Peckham
Mixed Doubles 4.0 – SILVER – Diane Endrizzi & David Hesje
Mixed Doubles 4.0 – BRONZE – Heather Hood & Michael Place
Mixed Doubles 4.5 – GOLD – Binu Brar & Magdalene Choy
Mixed Doubles 4.5 – SILVER – Mike Bellis & Dawn Dueck
Mixed Doubles 4.5 – BRONZE – John Savoy & Nancy Stern


BC Senior Games – Sept 9 to 13, 2014

Here are the summary of the results, with our on-site reporter Nancy Stern’s commentary below.

Team                              Medal     Place      Event
Morgan/Staite                    Gold         1             Men and Women 3.5 Mixed Doubles
Gendron/Pitcher                                 4             Men and Women 3.5 Mixed Doubles
Knibbs/Stewart                                  9              Men and Women 3.5 Mixed Doubles
Jones/Peniuk                                     9              Men and Women 3.5 Mixed Doubles
Savoy/Stern                                       5              Men and Women 4.5+ Mixed Doubles
Bird/Shworan                                     5              Women 3.0 Doubles
Morgan/Pitcher                                  5               Women 3.5 Doubles
Peniuik/Stewart                                 5               Women 3.5 Doubles
Gendron/Staite                Gold           1               Men 3.5 Doubles
Pitcher/Savoy                                    5               Men 4.5+ Doubles

Last, First Name                       Place       Event
Jones, Clive                                       5             Men 3.75 Singles
Pitcher, Ronnie                                  5             Men 4.5+ Singles

Tuesday – Sept 9

Ronnie Pitcher had a hard fought battle in singles on Tuesday night losing two tough matches 11-10. He played hard and had a good work out.
Clive Jones used those tennis skills in singles on Tuesday and had very good matches as well and a good work out.

Wednesday – Sept 10

Tom Staite and Alex Gendron won GOLD in the mens 3.5 doubles.  Well done guys.
Clive with a cross zone partner had some tight matches but lost in the first round of playoffs.
Our ‘Virgin’ Senior Games team from Parksville, Nadia Schworan & Jeannine Bird raced through their round robin beating all the teams in their pool but lost in their first playoff match.
Everyone else is on the court.

Thursday – Sept 11

Thursday pickleball action at Senior Games saw Dee & Alex, Debby & Tom, Brenda and John Knibbs (Campbell River), Karen & Clive competing in mixed doubles and Dee & Debby, Karen & Brenda competing in Ladies Doubles.  The ladies doubles teams both played extremely well, but lost out in the playoff rounds.  Good pickleball and good sportsmanship not to mention how good they looked in their green shirts!

Friday – Sept 12

Mixed doubles was last night and a tough 3.5 divisioin.  John & Brenda and Karen and Clive both played great games but lost out in the playoffs.  Dee & Alex and Debby and Tom both made it to the playoffs, with Dee and Alex missing bronze with an 11-10 loss and Debby & Tom capturing the GOLD in mixed 3.5 doubles.  CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR VANCOUVER ISLAND NORTH TEAM.

Sat – Sept 13

Another great day at Senior Games.  John and Nancy had a tough round of 5 games in the 4.5 round robin, winning only one 11-10 and losing the others 11-10, 11-8, 11-6 & 11-4.  Unfortunately, getting 5th in the pool didn’t make it into the finals but it was a great experience at the new 4.5 level!!

Jeannine and Nadia played in 3.25 with their cross zone boys and played superbly.  The xzone wives said the girls held the boys in the event!!!  Anyhow, lots of great play but no medals today.  However, Nadia, Jeannine, Nancy kept up the partying reputation by dancing the night away to the Day Trippers, a Beatles tribute band.  Too much fun which is what the games are all about.  Thanks to the complete North Vancouver Island team for their camaraderie, sportsmanship and great play.  Well done team.
Cheers, Nancy
P.S.  Hopefully more of you will participate next year in North Van.  It definitely is a great experience.



MEXICAN MADNESS – September 6th, 2014, 10 am to 5 pm

WHERE: Oliver Woods Community Centre, 6000 Oliver Road, Nanaimo, BC

DATES: 6th September 2014, 10 am to 5 pm

REGISTRATION: $30 through Oliver Woods – Phone: 250-756-5200 or ireg.nanaimo.ca. Code: 131270

Register before Aug 30 to enter the Mexican Madness draw.


1. On the day, men’s and ladies’ names will be drawn consecutively from a hat and the partner you are drawn with will be your ‘floating’ partner for the event.
2. Games are played to 15 pts first with your ‘floating’ partner and then the men change sides and you play to another 15 pts, (this time with your new partner).
3. Scoring is ‘electric’. i.e. every point counts, whether you are serving or not!
4. Once you have played the first 30 pts, you go on to your next scheduled game, starting off with your ‘floating’ partner, and changing partners after the first 15 pts. And so the games continue!
5. Everyone carries their own individual score. The winners will be the top men and top ladies with the highest score.