adopted as revised May 20, 2017


Preamble and purpose

Recognizing the desirability of encouraging pickleball as a fun, healthy recreational and competitive activity for people of all ages in the Nanaimo BC area, an association is hereby confirmed under the name The Nanaimo Pickleball Club (“Club”) .

The aim of the Club is to promote the sport of pickleball through various means including instructional time for beginners, skills and drills for established players, tournaments (sanctioned by PCO, or unsanctioned), club play, intake and inclusion of new members, recreational and competitive play both indoor and out, assisting and coordinating play and events with other similar clubs.


Article I – Membership

1.) All members who are paid up at the time a resolution is made at a duly authorized meeting shall have one vote; all votes are to be cast in person unless the executive accepts a proxy based on unavoidable absence.

2.) All members must abide the constitution, bylaws, rules and guidelines published by the Club; failure to comply may result in termination of membership on authority of the board of directors (“board”).

3.) Membership dues shall be set by the members each year at the annual general meeting (“AGM”) for the ensuing year. Dues that are not  paid 90 days after the AGM, will mean that the member’s status in the club has lapsed automatically without further notice..

4.) If a new member joins the club and pays the appropriate dues after January 1st and before AGM of that year, then their dues for that period will be reduced to 50% of the normal annual dues.  A renewing member will still pay the normal dues regardless of when they renew.

5.) Special assessments may be made to cover unusual or unanticipated expense on recommendation of the board.



Article II – Meetings and Special Resolutions

1.) There shall be an AGM every year held in the month of May, with 30 days notice to the members. The purpose of the meeting is to elect officers, directors, to review the financial statement produced for the year that has elapsed, and deal with other agenda items as disclosed in the notice, or as accepted at the meeting. A new proposed budget for the year shall be established based on perceived needs and sources of revenue.

2.) The constitution and bylaws may be amended by special resolution being at least 75% of the members in attendance at the AGM or a special meeting either of which shall be based on 30 days notice with disclosure of the proposed resolution.

3.) A quorum at the AGM or special resolution or regular meeting shall be a minimum of 10% of the members. Agenda items that do not require a special resolution such as the fixing of annual dues shall be by general resolution composed of a simple majority of the members in attendance at a properly constituted meeting.

4.) There shall be nominated and duly elected at each AGM a minimum of five to a maximum of ten directors and of them there shall be the following officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President.  Taken together the officers and directors are deemed to be the executive (“executive”) of the club.   The Past President shall hold office for a period of one year after their term of President ends.  If during the following years, the position of President isn’t changed, then there will be no Past President on the Executive.  This is so that a Past President isn’t required to remain on the Executive indefinitely.

5.) Should an executive member or director vacate their position during the year; the Executive may, at their discretion, appoint for the balance of that year another member in good standing to replace that person.  The newly appointed person shall have the same rights and responsibilities of the person who has vacated their position.

Article III – Officers and Directors Duties and Powers

1.) Officers and directors shall meet at their discretion during the year to make decisions and carry out tasks in furtherance of club aims and purpose. Officers and directors shall report to the members upon request and in a timely way such as publication of the minutes of directors’ meeting.

2.) The executive shall be composed of the officers and directors; they shall have a quorum of at least four at executive meetings.

3.) The executive may, in their discretion, appoint committees of members to address various club interest and needs such as the liaison with the City of Nanaimo/Parks and Recreation department, the set up and running of tournaments, education of the public to the sport of pickleball.

4.) Committee chairs shall report to the executive and, on request of the executive, to members at large.

5.) The executive shall act only in the best interest of the club and must disclose any conflict of interest that may arise. No member of the executive may vote on a matter where there is a conflict of interest.

Article IV – Financial and Dissolution


1.) The fiscal year shall be from May 1st to April 30th of the following year. A financial statement for the past year must be produced by the Treasurer at the AGM and filed for review, approval of the members, and discussion purposes.

2.) On dissolution of the club all equipment and assets that have been lent shall be returned, and items donated shall be allocated to other island clubs at the discretion of the executive.

3.) Any funds remaining with the club on dissolution shall be distributed ratably to members in good standing.


Adopted by the Nanaimo Pickleball Club

Date: May 20, 2017

Record of previous amendments:


April 26, 2012

May 11, 2012

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May 3, 2014

May 14, 2016

May 20, 2017