Lessons and Clinics

Nanaimo Pickleball Club offers beginner and intermediate lessons and clinics for intermediate/advanced for our club members.


Nanaimo Pickleball Club (NPC) Training Programs—Introduction/Orientation to Pickleball, Levels 1, 2 and 3

Introduction/Orientation to Pickleball

This two day session is geared towards those who are brand new to the sport – the first day of each session will be an introduction and general orientation to pickleball, ie learning the rules and etiquette of playing and the second day will allow participants to play under the scrutiny and instruction of the coaches.

The cost is $30 per session and is payable at time of registration. Maximum of 16 participants per session. 

Upcoming sessions: TBA


Level 1

Nanaimo Pickleball Club currently offers two levels of training for beginners to intermediate with a third level to be implemented in the fall of 2019.  Level 1 is reserved for those persons who have little to no previous racquet sport experience and who have limited or no experience with pickleball.  Those who have learned to play pickleball without formal instruction are encouraged to consider Level 1 training.  The training introduces individuals to the multiple techniques required to play the game and also become exposed to the language of the game—a necessary element in order for players to understand techniques and to grow more fully in their game.  Players learn to serve, return serves, learn the importance of moving to the forecourt with their partner to engage “dinking” (play at the net) as well as specific shots such as the Lob and Drop Shot to name a few.  All courses are comprised of instruction, demonstration, rehearsal. participation, and playing games.  A comprehensive manual is provided electronically.  The cost for any Club training program is $50.00 for five, two and one-half-hour weekly lessons.  All training is offered on Friday evenings from 6:00-8:30 PM.  Registration can be done on line, but first, contact must be made with the Training and Development Coordinator since registrations for all levels of training sessions are capped at 12 participants per five-week session.  All training classes have three to four coaches for intensive support.

Next session: April 24th to May 29th. Please email the club if you’re interested in taking this training.

Level 2 Training

It is recommended that graduates from Level 1 training have between six to eight months of regular recreational play following completion of Level 1 before taking Level 2 training.  The reason is that because of the comprehensive training in Level 1, members tend to forget in the moment of play, some of what they have learned in regard to techniques.  The reason for this is because the game of pickleball is far more complex and challenging than most people realize.  In Level 2 a comprehensive assessment of skills as well as mistakes in techniques are identified, discussed and the proper implementation is reinforced.  As a result, players’ games improve dramatically following Level 2 training and their skill development can be witnessed during recreational play.  Critical to success in Level 2 is that trainees must we willing to adapt their skills and to identify their shortcomings.  Hence, the reason for the “court time” between level 1 and 2 in order to provide trainees a chance to understand that something is missing in their deliver during games.

Level 3 Training

All training in Levels 1, 2 and 3 are interlocking meaning that there is a natural progression from level to level based on skills developed in the level prior.  Without the foundations of the previous level, the next level is more difficult.  In the proposed Level 3, members who have had six to eight months of regular court time following Level 2, will be ready to engage their game at a higher level.  Members learn that every shot must have intention.  Every shot must have a position for placement.  Members learn the integration of team participation in play and rehearse drills for set ups between players.  Pickleball utilizes enhancement of basic skills in the upward progression of training meaning that players must have excellent paddle control and the ability to place the ball in order to be successful in Level 3 training.  Players in Level 3 will learn to effectively read the court, anticipate shots and learn appropriate techniques to counter the play of the opponent.  Players exiting Level 3 should expect to have a solid intermediate to advanced intermediate level of play.  Throughout these levels of training, players MUST learn to be patient, listen to coaches’ recommendations and be prepared to practice, practice, practice what they have learned.  The results will be worth the effort!

Advancing from one level to the next requires the approval of the Training and Development Coordinator.  This is because players will benefit most from their training IF they have the skills necessary to take on the next level of training.  Evaluating skills from an impartial evaluator rather than subjective assessment is critical to success at each level of training.

Lee MacDonald
NPC Training and Development Coordinator

POW Clinic

New this year is ‘Pickleball Our Way’ or POW Clinic, offered by Pete Korvin and Anna Edgar. This 4 hour clinic is limited to 12 participants and is geared towards players whose ranking is at least 3+ level. It focuses on skill development, drills and strategy.

It should be noted that this event does not replace the levels training offered by Lee but is simply an addition which demonstrates Pete and Anna’s particular philosophy.

We thank all those who have taken the clinic, and we apologize to all of those that wanted to participate but were unable to register. Priority will be given to those already on the waiting list.

Please contact Anna at nanaimopickleball@gmail.com for more info, or if you would like to register for the clinic.

Upcoming Clinic: