Indoor Club Play resumes Monday, September 14th

The Nanaimo Pickleball Club offers seven playing sessions a week: The fee for the two hour sessions or longer is $6.00

  1. Mondays, 1:45-3:45 pm (1:30-3:30pm starting Nov 2nd)
  2. Tuesdays, 8:00-10:00 am. and 1:15-3:15 pm;
  3. Fridays, 11:00-1:00 and 6:00-8:00 pm;
  4. Saturdays, 2:15-4:00 pm;
  5. Sundays, 11:45-1:45. (Restricted to members rated 3.5+)

These events are open only to members of the Nanaimo Pickleball Club. All events are held at the Oliver Woods Community Centre. Please log into CourtReserve to book your session(s).